Caturday: Pixel Watching Catgroove

Jen McCreight clearly has an unfair advantage in the blogging world: She has an unbelievably cute kitten, Pixel, and can post pics of said kitten, which automatically translates into about 876,698 hits per second. I am therefore taking my own unfair advantage of the fact that I’m visiting her, and am posting my own pictures. (P.S. If enough of the rest of the Freethoughtblogs bloggers post Caturday pics, will it overpower PZ’s Anti-Caturday efforts? Or will it be like matter and anti-matter colliding, and all photos of both cats and cephalopods will be erased from all blogs instantly? Let’s find out. For science!)

This is Pixel, watching Catgroove, the “dancing guy in his rec room” video I posted about yesterday. She was utterly fascinated. As you can see.

Caturday: Pixel Watching Catgroove

13 thoughts on “Caturday: Pixel Watching Catgroove

  1. F

    Wait. Is that cats chocolate siamese-ish with some tabby markings? I don’t recall noticing this before. Pixel kittys.

    My idiot cat is trying to get inside a partially disassembled computer. Which is why I enjoy cats on the internet, like Pixel, for similar reasons and in the same manner that I enjoy people on the internet.

  2. 13

    Very cute! I was hoping that Pixel would look behind the computer to see where the little man went. A couple of my cats will do that, poke around behind the TV to see where the birds got to. The first one to do that was watching a cartoon crow. Now, I’d been told that cats see too quickly to get the movie effect of successive pictures, but here was my cat seeing a cartoon bird and trying to find it behind the TV. Scientific amazement!

    Must post the picture I have of one cat watching a video of his brother tossing a dead rat around–the first time I’ve had one take any interest in videos on the computer.

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