I am correcting a terrible, terrible mistake.

I posted a piece the other day, Letting the World Surprise You: Secular Transcendence and, Once Again, Morris Dancing. In it, I said this:

And since I now think that this life is the only one I’m ever going to have, I feel much more driven to experience it as fully and as richly as I possibly can. It is sometimes intensely frustrating to know that there are restaurants I’m never going to eat at, movies I’m never going to see, books I’m never going to read, people I’m never going to meet. But that makes me feel that much more passionate about really experiencing the restaurants and movies and books and people that are part of my life. It makes me feel that much more driven to stay present with them, to not space out and drift into my own little world, to connect with them and see what surprises they might have in store. Sometimes it’s a big, obvious, dramatic surprise: like seeing Scotland for the first time, or speaking to a crowd of 1,000 people, or meeting someone out of the blue who within a year would become one of my best friends. And sometimes it’s a small, subtle surprise of everyday life: like the taste of the scones from the new bakery, or some silly and wonderful video of a guy dancing in his rec room, or an afternoon with friends in a generic conference hotel room laughing ourselves into insensibility.

At the “silly and wonderful video of a guy dancing in his rec room,” I meant to link to this video. But I was in a hurry, and I totally spaced. For which I abjectly apologize. Okay, it’s not like this guy needs my help, the video has gone viral and it has 6,096,244 views as of this writing and you’ve probably all seen it before and are rolling your eyes about how I’m the last one to get on the clue train. But it’s been making me smile for days, and I wanted to share. The guy is so loose and cool, so extraordinarily good and so casual about it. And I love that some guy dancing in his rec room and shooting video of it has been seen by millions. I’m in love with the modern world.

Catgroove, by takesomecrime. Enjoy!


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    You’re not the last to get on the clue train – I haven’t seen or heard of this video.

    Will watch at home because I can’t watch youtube videos at the office.

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    Sure it’s a repost, but it’s very repostable. Quite a fellow, would like to have his dancing ability, though obviously I’m not willing to put in the work required to cultivate it 😛

    It does motivate me to put in a bit more work though and get a little bit better than I currently am!

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    Posted a comment on modern music on the “I’m in love with the world link”. Since I am somewhat of a missionary when it comes te music, I will double post this link here also. if not appropriate, please remove,…

    Don’t know if you are going to read this. But music from now:
    -Fleet Foxes, Mykonos

    -Gotye Feat Kimbra, somebody I used to know



    - (disclosure, she is my sister,…)and not really modern, so off topic

    -Dutch band ‘De Staat’ who have a unique sound, and will be going worldwide in the underground scene!

    Lots and lots more, let’s see if reactions come to this post.

  4. 10

    That link doesn’t seem to work:

    Or if still doesn’t work: Willemijn de Bruijn with Ave Maria

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    Thanks for a very interesting blog! If you like that video, you might like Flat-Top grooving to Daft Punk. It’s certainly been putting a smile on my face. Have a great weekend!

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    I just found that video about a week ago. I found another Parov Stelar song, Booty Swing, that’s used in a commercial for a casino (can’t remember which one; has different people dancing in an elevator), which led to this video. I’m not really a dancing type person but I can’t stop watching this video. The guy is pretty good! If you like the music check out the aforementioned Booty Swing, and Libella Swing, both by Stelar. Those are more upbeat and less electronicy than most of his other stuff.

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