Like the Secular Student Alliance? Show It – With Clicks, and Matching Offer

Do you like the Secular Student Alliance? You know — the fast-growing, incredibly awesome umbrella organization for atheist/ non-theist/ skeptical/ etc. groups of secular college and high school students, around the U.S. and around the world?

If you like them, you have a awesome chance to show it today — and to have your love pay off. And you can do it with simple clicks, or with a simple donation — that’ll be doubled.

The Secular Student Alliance is currently on the front page of Reddit. Not r/atheism — Reddit, period.

The gist, for those who can’t see the image: The largest college religious organization on Facebook has a lot more “likes” than the largest college atheist organization — let’s fix this!

It’s made the front page of Reddit. Which means the SSA is suddenly getting a whole lot of attention from people who didn’t know it existed before. And an awesome matching offer for the SSA has just been issued — meaning any donations you make to them will be doubled! But it also means it’s getting the attention of haters who are downvoting it — essentially trying to hide that it’s happening.

What can you do?

1: Like the Secular Student Alliance on Facebook.

2: Upvote the post on Reddit.

3: Donate to or join the Secular Student Alliance now. Any donations you make, no matter how small, from now until 12/31/2011, will be doubled by a matching offer from SSA Member Ron Verstappen, up to $20,000. If you’re not already a member, you can join for just $35 a year — $10 if you’re a student. If you are already a member, you can renew your membership, and your renewal will get doubled. You can set up an automatic monthly gift, or make a one-time donation. And any of it that goes to the SSA before 12/31/2011 will get matched by the offer.m (And yes, it’s tax deductible.)
4: Spread the word. Get this out on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, carrier pigeon — all of it.

It’s rarely this easy to help atheism. Do it now!

Like the Secular Student Alliance? Show It – With Clicks, and Matching Offer
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