Bad Religion to Play at Reason Rally!

Big news! The band Bad Religion will be playing at the Reason Rally for a one-hour performance immediately before the closing remarks!

The Reason Rally, for those of you who aren’t yet familiar, is the upcoming atheist/ humanist/ skeptic/ secular March on Washington, scheduled for March 24, 2012. It’s expected to be the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history. Having Bad Religion play there will go a long way to making this expectation a reality.

Scheduled speakers include Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Jamila Bey, James Randi… and, oh yeah. Me. I’m speaking there, too. I am bursting with pride and excitement at the prospect of getting to be on that stage, in this company, at this historic event. And it’s going to rock even hard, now that Bad Religion’s playing!

This is going to be super-fun. It is going to be made of 100% pure awesomenium. You do not want to miss it. Make your plans now! March 24, 2012. Put it in your calendar, and make it happen!

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Bad Religion to Play at Reason Rally!
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6 thoughts on “Bad Religion to Play at Reason Rally!

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    Hopefully Obama will within earshot and realize that there is no God. He is our most thoughtful and reflective President ever and I’m sure he’d be persuaded by all of your arguments if he listened to them.

  2. 5

    You do say you want corrections on grammar in the comment policy so …

    “And it’s going to rock even hard, now that Bad Religion’s playing!”

  3. 6

    Agree with azkyroth – I’m really hoping I’m gonna be able to attend, but it will probably require time off and traveling hassles since I’ll be coming (if I can even work it out at all) from Chicago.

    I’m sure it will be well-attended, but I do think having it in March is seriously limiting. I wish it were in June!

    …but I’m still going to try to make it. 🙂

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