Welcome to my Freethought Blog!

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting Greta Christina’s Blog at the new Freethought Blogs site. I am pleased as punch — how pleased is punch, anyway? — to be part of this new network, and am beyond proud to have been invited to join it.

Once I get settled in, I’ll be introducing new readers to myself a bit more, showing you around the best bits of my archives, etc. In the meantime, here’s a bit about me for those who don’t know me:

I’m an atheist. Like, duh.

I’m a feminist sex writer who’s been writing professionally since 1989. My first paid writing gig was for On Our Backs, the (now sadly defunct) by- lesbians- for- lesbians sex magazine. I write a lot about atheism — like, duh — skepticism, sex (mostly non-fiction, occasional fiction a.k.a. porn), feminism, books, LGBT issues, and cultural commentary (a fancy way of saying “what movies and TV I’m watching”.) I write occasionally but less regularly about food, art, music, smug unsolicited advice about life, cats, weight management, weird dreams I had the night before, and whatever happens to pop into my head.

I’m on the speakers’ bureaus of the Secular Student Alliance and the Center for Inquiry.

I’m editor of the Best Erotic Comics 2008 and Best Erotic Comics 2009 anthologies (yes, a third volume is on its way, long story, don’t ask), and of Paying For It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients (out of print, but available on Kindle). And I’m the author of Bending, an erotic novella published in the three-novella collection Three Kinds of Asking For It (edited by Susie Bright).

I’m on Twitter, as of about two days ago. @GretaChristina

And in just a moment, I’ll be ranting about accommodationism and diplomacy. Get used to it. Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my Freethought Blog!

23 thoughts on “Welcome to my Freethought Blog!

  1. 16

    Heh – give it time. She used lots of blockable keywords both in this post and in “About the Author.” Which just goes to show the weakness of filtering software…sigh.

  2. 17

    Welcome to the new site. Hope it works out well.

    Accomodation just doesn’t fit in with my mental and emotional makeup. I try to be polite, to a point, but will not cede special privilege to thin-skinned theists just because they’re used to being treated with kid gloves because they’re so holy and special — and the apple of the eye of their manufactured deity.

    No free ride here. Been there. Tried that. It doesn’t work.

  3. 18

    Welcome. As someone else said, you’re what got me into the atheosphere, so thanks! I hope that adjusting the colors/style of the new digs is on the todo list — it’s good to make each blog distinct looking.

  4. 19

    I don’t care what blog you’re in, just let me know where you’re going and I’ll follow. I’m totally in awe of you. I read it aloud to my husband all the time, just to hear the sound of your words out loud. (He says Hi)

  5. 20

    I’m a big fan! I heard you speak to Seattle Atheists a month ago–great stuff.

    My only complaint is that your treatment of atheist issues is so complete that it leaves the rest of us atheist bloggers wondering how we’re going to add to that.

    But that’s a good problem to have. Keep up the great work.

  6. Nes

    Greta, I know you’re probably still busy with all the transitioning and such, but do you think you could get on your layout guy/gal (assuming that’s not you) to put some padding around the pics? There currently doesn’t seem to be any at all (the “A” in “And” and “W” in “Workers” run right in to the picture) which makes the text hard to read.

  7. Nes

    And since I’m a dork who totally forgot about it, congrats on joining FtB! It’s kind of nice to see some of my favorite bloggers under the same roof, so to speak.

  8. 23

    Greta, btw, so glad to see you here on FTB! I’ve lurked and commented very occasionally under a variety of names (not morphing, just fickle) on your old blog, but I expect and intend to comment much more often under this identity now that you’re here! Like Dhorvath and Jesse, I was introduced to the atheist blogosphere via your work (Atheists and Anger is the first one I remember), and your writings have also had a profound effect on me personally. Welcome.

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