As of this writing, I am no longer blogging at this address. This blog has moved to the Freethought Blogs network. My new blog is now at:

Greta Christina’s Blog

The archives from this blog have not yet been moved over to the new location, and I still haven’t figured out how to switch the FeedBlitz updates to the new site. And there are a few other technical bumps I’ll be working out over the next few days. So for a few days, I’ll be posting links here to the new posts on the new blog. But there will be no new content on this site. It’s all going onto the new site.

And there’s some good stuff coming up! I’ve just debuted with a barn-burner — Diplomacy and Accomodationism Are Not The Same Thing. I also have pieces scheduled for the next few days on feminist fashion, angry atheism and community building, progressive religion and cherry-picking, and more. So you definitely want to get your butt over there!

If you have me in your blogroll, or your RSS feed, or your elaborate carrier pigeon system designed to bring you avian updates of my blog posts… please switch it over to the new site. Thanks so much for reading my blog — and thanks for continuing to read it at my new home!


One thought on “THIS BLOG HAS MOVED!

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    Can’t you just update the RSS feed to point to the new blog? Ophelia’s feed automagically sends me to the new B&W now. Can’t that be done for yours too?

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