The Karaoke Pledge Has Been Completed!

And here it is, as promised — video of me singing karaoke.

Jesus fictional Christ.

Camp Quest
As some of you may remember, a few months ago a bunch of atheist bloggers did a fundraising competition for Camp Quest (the kids’ camp for children of atheists, freethinkers, humanists, and other non-supernaturalists), pitting PZ Myers of Pharyngula against pretty much every other atheist blogger we could round up. The competition got… diverting, to say the least, with PZ offering to shave his beard into a hideous ’80s moustache if he won, and several members of Team Awesome responding by offering to publicly embarrass ourselves in an assortment of amusing ways for the entertainment of the atheist community if we won. Adam Lee at Daylight Atheism offered to grow a beard (in an effort to offset PZ’s beard-shaving proposal and keep facial hair homeostasis within the atheist blogosphere); Matt Dillahunty of The Atheist Experience offered to do an episode of the show in drag; C.L. Hanson at Letters from a Broad offered to organize a showtunes sing-along (which, as far as I know, she hasn’t yet done — how about it, C.L.?); Jen McCreight at Blag Hag offered to learn to ride a bike on video; JT Eberhard at WWJTD offered to wax his legs and shave his head.

And I offered to sing karaoke, and post video of it online.

As you may remember, Team Awesome won. We raised a total of $15,418.79: PZ Myers raised a paltry total of $14,656.01. So the two teams combined raised $30,074.80 for the wonderful, inspiring, eminently worthy cause of Camp Quest.

Which was great.

No, really. I’m very, very happy about this.


So. Okay. The last three of these pledges — mine, Jen’s, and JT’s — were carried out at the recent Secular Student Alliance conference. Video footage was taken, and has been compiled, and has now been posted to the Internet.

I’m only on for a few seconds in the video. Which is fine with me. But if you feel a compelling need to hear more of what my singing voice sounds like through a shitty microphone in a noisy bar at the tail end of a weekend-long conference when my voice is shot… take it up with videographer Ashley Paramore, aka healthyaddict, who put the montage together. My pledge has now been fulfilled, and honor has been upheld, and I can attempt to put this episode in the back of my mind.

Until next year’s contest.

Hm. What should I pledge next time around?

(Video below the jump, since putting it above the jump mucks up my archives.)

The Karaoke Pledge Has Been Completed!

6 thoughts on “The Karaoke Pledge Has Been Completed!

  1. 4

    @ Martin: I think the deal was more like “Hey loyal readers, if you donate to my side instead of PZ’s, I’ll amuse you by humiliating myself.”

  2. 5

    My show-tunes singalong is right on schedule! Unfortunately, it takes a long time to gather up all of my Mormon relatives, so it is scheduled for Summer 2012.

  3. 6

    Sorry for the delay, but — looking on the bright side — it will give me an excuse to promote Camp Quest again next Summer.
    Actually, since my kids and I will be in Minnesota next Summer, we might even get the opportunity to participate and/or visit the camp! I’ll look into it.

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