I Need a Banner For My Freethought Blog!

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I’m going to be moving my blog to the Freethought Blogs network soon, and I need a banner! Any designers out there want to help? I’ll send you copies of all four of my books if I use your design!


The banner needs to be 728×120 pixels.

It needs to have the title of the blog, “Greta Christina’s Blog,” in pretty big letters.

It needs to have the tagline of the blog, “Atheism, sex, politics, dreams, and whatever. Thinking out loud since 2005.” in smaller letters.

It doesn’t have to incorporate my portrait pic, since that will be on the blog elsewhere. But it can incorporate it if you can make it work.

I’m not a designer, and don’t know what else to say in terms of specs or vision or what I’m looking for generally. But if you ask me questions, I’ll answer them as best I can. You can check out see what the other Freethought Blogs bloggers are using for banners, if that helps.

And my books are:

Best Erotic Comics 2008
Best Erotic Comics 2009
Paying For It: A Guide by Sex Workers For Their Clients (now out of print, except on Kindle)
Three Kinds of Asking For It: Erotic Novellas by Jill Soloway, Greta Christina, and Eric Albert

I’m very much looking forward to this transition — and I think a good banner could definitely help draw and keep traffic. Holler if you want to help out!

I Need a Banner For My Freethought Blog!

9 thoughts on “I Need a Banner For My Freethought Blog!

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    I’m no good at design but I just want to say I’m looking forward to following you over at Freethought blogs, Greta. All my favorite bloggers in one convenient place.

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    What’s your deadline for needing the banner?

    Sunday at the very latest. I’m switching to Freethought Blogs on Sept. 1, and need the banner a few days before that.

    I don’t suppose nudity is allowed?

    Alas, no.

    Can we post images here?

    Apparently not. It got cut off. Try emailing it to me, greta (at) gretachristina (dot) com. Thanks!

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