Greta Speaking in Seattle and Omaha!

Just a quick reminder: I have some nifty and exciting speaking gigs coming up in Seattle and Omaha, and I hope y’all can come by and say hi!

I’m going to be speaking at the Seattle Atheists on Saturday, August 6, about “What Can the Atheist Movement Learn From the LGBT Movement?” I’ll be doing Q&A after the talk — so come with questions! — and I’ll also be on a panel following the talk.

And I’m going to be speaking at the 2011 Midwest Humanist and Freethought Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, happening August 12-14… along with Mr. Deity, JT Eberhard, Jen McCreight, Hemant Mehta, Fred Edwords, and Brother Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist. The cost is super-cheap, too — if you register by this Friday, August 5, it’s just $35, and a mere $20 for students. (If you wait until after the 5th to register, the cost will be $50.)

Here’s the skinny on both events. If you’re attending either one, please come find me and say Hi!


Seattle atheists
EVENT: Seattle Atheists

DATE: Saturday, August 6

TIME: 1:30 – 4:30 pm, including my talk, Q&A, and panel discussion

LOCATION: 2100 Building, 2100 24th Ave. S., Seattle, WA

TOPIC: What Can the Atheist Movement Learn From the LGBT Movement?

SUMMARY: The atheist movement is already modeling itself on the LGBT movement in many ways — most obviously with its focus on coming out of the closet. What else can the atheist movement learn from the LGBT movement… both from its successes and its failures?

COST: Free (donations accepted)*

Midwest humanist and freethought conference
EVENT: Midwest Humanist and Freethought Conference

DATES: August 12-14

DATE AND TIME OF MY PRESENTATION: Sat., Aug. 13, 2:30pm – 3:20pm

LOCATION: University of Nebraska – Omaha
Milo Bail Student Center
North 62nd Street & Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68182

TOPIC: Why Are You Atheists So Angry?

SUMMARY: The atheist movement is often accused of being driven by anger. What are so many atheists so angry about? Is this anger legitimate? And can anger be an effective force behind a movement for social change?

COST: $35; $20 for students, if you register before August 5. $50 if you register after the 5th.

LODGING: Special conference rates are available at the Comfort Inn & Suites, (402) 343-1000. (Hurry — offer expires soon.)

Hope to see you there!

Greta Speaking in Seattle and Omaha!

2 thoughts on “Greta Speaking in Seattle and Omaha!

  1. 1

    Honestly is anyone else sick and tired of seeing Jen McCreight at all these events. What has she ever accomplished??? So she got a lot of coverage for “Boobquake” yes the media loves an excuse to talk about boobs and it gets coverage, note all the recent stories on “slutwalks” and “sugar babies.” Her blog is a dull read for those few that actually read it, unlike Greta Christina’s, and of late she has resorted to negative attention and exaggerated response, specifically throwing Richard Dawkins under the bus over that tempest in a teapot called “elevatorgate.” I appreciate that she has real science chops, having majored in genetics and evolution, but honestly she has no body of work (literally not saying figuratively) to merit this status.
    So how about booking someone different and accomplished, instead of the overexposed “boobquaker.”

  2. 2

    I went to your talk at the Seattle Atheists and it was really excellent! I’d never been to any kind of in-person atheist event before, but I went because I’m an avid reader of your blog and when else am I going to have a chance to see you in person? You were passionate, funny, and incredibly insightful.

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