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In all the kerfuffle, I neglected to mention: I’m at TAM, and will be staying in Vegas for a couple of extra days after it’s over. Plus I’m having to spend rather more time than usual moderating comments here. So I’m on the swamped side, and will probably not be blogging for the next few days. I’d hoped to toss up a reprint or two during my absence, and I’m still hoping to do that at some point before I get back; but I’m looking at my schedule, and the likelihood seems slim. I’ll be back in a few days. Thanks for your patience.

Brief Blog Break

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    Hello Greta,
    Hope you are enjoying (enjoyed) Vegas. Atheism is second on your topic list after sex, so it seems to be an important topic at your blog.
    I have been asking popular atheist bloggers if they can back up their beliefs with logic and reason and have been finding a big vacuum in this area. Though you don’t seem like the philosopher type, I’d like to challenge you to come to my blog and refute an article of mine which I believe proves God’s existence philosophically.
    Even if you don’t feel up to the task, some type of response to my challenge would be appreciated.

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    I’m not going to answer in Greta’s place, but I do suggest digging around her blog a bit in the time you have before she gets back. It seems like you just found this blog, and there is a lot to sort through, but it’d probably give you at least some of the answers you’re looking for. Like for the out-of-body experience one, she already has one article
    (I have to say, though; thanks for posting an actual, laid-out argument with citations and everything. Hopefully it’ll allow for a much better discussion!)
    I have my own responses, but I’m not going to hijack Greta’s questions, haha. But I definitely suggest digging through what she’s already written! Hopefully you’ll find some interesting stuff.

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    Thanks for the tip. It’s not so much that I am interested in knowing Greta’s personal opinions and positions on specific subjects. As you wrote, I’ve put together three main points and a conclusion which I believe are valid proof of God’s existence, proof being what may be considered convincing evidence.
    One of the reasons I’m asking high profile atheists to comment is because I’d like to see if the fans of these atheists realize exactly what the basis of their logic is.
    Unfortunately, The American Atheist No-God-Blog deleted my challenge, perhaps fearful they could not answer it. Militant atheist, PZ Meyers, recently censored one of my comments at his blog that had a linked reference to him on occasion dodging debate requests. These actions only encourage me in the understanding that what I have presented is true.

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    I think Brenda’s point was that the article she linked directly addresses your point 3. If that article stands, that part of your case is refuted already. I think it’s pretty reasonable to ask you to read it – after all, you’ve asked Greta to read your interesting article, plus it seems to me that a debate would go more smoothly if both sides were familiar with the others’ writing on the subject.
    As for your article, I have a few counterarguments I could make, particularly regarding your epistemology, but like Brenda I’ll give Greta the chance to go first. She’s written lots of articles refuting specific arguments for God or other supernatural phenomena; I think she appreciates, as I do, being offered an actual case rather than less reasonable forms of argument. Even if Greta turns down your request for some reason, it looks like Brenda and I are both happy to give you a good discussion.

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    Tor and Rick,
    Your theist philosophy shows a struggle with your reactive mind.
    Once you get Clear of your Thetan influence, you will understand the awesome power of Xenu. And you will return to the planet Kolub, where you will occupy a divine being.

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