Brief Blog Break/ Open Thread

I’m going to be out of town from Thursday, Dec. 16 through Monday, Dec. 20. Neighbors and catsitters will be looking after our apartment and our girls, but I probably won’t be blogging again until a day or two after I get back. I’ll check in on the blog periodically to dump spam and put out fires if necessary, but other than that, I’m taking a break from it.

In the meantime, consider this an open thread. Talk about whatever you like. Just play nice. If you want a topic to start you off, how about this: Compare and contrast the literary works of William Blake with a small Russet potato. Give three examples each of similarities and differences. See you in a few days!

Brief Blog Break/ Open Thread

13 thoughts on “Brief Blog Break/ Open Thread

  1. 1

    What to do, what to do, when I can’t argue with someone I agree with, without them feeling I am the enemy. What to do when I’m not even sure I’m not at fault, for sometimes I do troll for a reaction, rather than argue for illumination. What to do when neither upsetting someone nor being coldly calculating are the proper social response.
    So, there is this website called the Hathor Legacy, which I love the articles, love the comments, even love that she deletes some of my comments because it means she knows what she wants from comments. I think I made her hate me though, in pushing the boundaries which comments were allowed and which not. Specifically, one comment retroactively made earlier comments get deleted.
    I like the articles. I like not having to wade through crap in the comments. I like knowing what will and won’t be allowed. I don’t like taking teams, or attacks on teams. I keep personality traits suitable for several ‘teams.’
    Should I give up that community, if I am just going to build up angst I need to vent every few months?

  2. 2

    I’ve been a silent and secret admirer of your blog for a while now. Just thought I’d say, “Hello”.
    Right now, I’m hiding in my disbelief because I don’t want to anger the people I care for, especially because they’ve always known me as an upright Christian, and a minister. I hope one day to find the confidence in life to say what exactly it is I do believe, and exactly what I don’t believe; i.e., Christianity, or any religion, really.
    Anyway, I look forward to more of your writing when you get back from your hiatus.

  3. vel

    only a “small” Russet potato? 🙂
    happy vacation!
    and Christopher, I dont’ envy your position at all. I don’t think those people you know, and who matter, would be disappointed at all.

  4. 4

    You deserve a rest. Enjoy. I am amazed at the volume of stuff you put out — good stuff too. But, that is nourishing to those of us who love to write and have something to say. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, etc.

  5. 5

    Satire warning: Ok, We have seen all kinds of Zombies in the media. We even now have Zombie Jane Auston. I am proposing a new Zombie meme, that of the Zombie Jesus. See, maybe Jesus did indeed rise from his tomb, just not the way we were “lead” to believe. Ok, I am going to hell now…

  6. 6

    As a skeptic, I pay no heed to the ‘religious significance’ of the time. Specifically as it relates to the Christian story. In fact I find the story itself rather problematic.
    Mary, supposedly a virgin, is visited by an angel who tells her she is pregnant by god, news which surprises Mary.
    This in itself is a problem, for clearly the insemination appears to have been non-consensual. Mary is therefore a victim of an assault, that may actually be construed as rape.
    Christians invoke god by saying things like god the father, god the son… this clearly suggests incest. If Jesus is god, then Jesus as god may have raped Mary for god as Jesus to be born – send that one to the DNA lab!!
    Hold on a moment!!
    The child Jesus was not the product of both parents within the legal marriage. Mary was (supposedly) married to Joseph, but Joseph was not Jesus’ father.
    Was Jesus a bastard?

  7. 7

    In the Book “Rant” by Chuck Palahniuk, the author suggests that Christ could have gone back in time and killed his own Father and raped his own mother. Strangely (I mean if you can suspense believe and enjoy the fiction) this idea may not really be inconsistent with the Gospels. He literally becomes the immortal father and son.

  8. 9

    Yes, the Jesus De Pantera suggestion… I think (like a lot of other things in the book)it is based on myth…
    Time travel??
    If the ‘laws of god’ are not the 10 commandments but are the physical laws that all things live and exist by; then Jesus, in the form he is reported to have existed – walking on water, broke a number of laws of physics (surface tension etc.).
    Breaking his supposed father’s laws could be construed as him being a disobedient child…. and therefore subject to the laws and consequences in Leviticus….
    or am I being silly?

  9. DA

    Sorry, but please please please no new zombie memes. The internet has beaten that (un)dead horse far beyond the point of enjoyment, imo.

  10. 12

    Christopher: You say “I’m hiding in my disbelief because I don’t want to anger the people I care for, especially because they’ve always known me as an upright Christian, and a minister.” I can certainly sympathize with your position. When I realized I was a humanist (I prefer that to atheist because it is more demanding), I started attending group meetings in lieu of church. My family, or some of them (especially my wife) became upset. Not violent, not loud, just unhappy. But if you are an active, preaching minister, I hope you reexamine your situation and make necessary adjustments. Our local Humanist group (in Albuquerque) had for a time two ex-Christian ministers. Both quit the occupation when they could only continue by preaching what could only be called lies. I hope you’re retired and don’t desecrate the religious folks’ gatherings by preaching and praying lies.

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