The Vows

Five years ago today…



First part: Celebrant prompts and brides repeat sentence by sentence:

I, Greta/Ingrid, take you, Ingrid/Greta, to be my partner for life. I take you into my family, and take your family as my own. I promise to love you, honor you, and treasure you. I promise to trust you, and to trust in our marriage. I promise to savor our good times, and to have faith that the bad times will pass. I promise to value our differences as much as our common ground. I promise to give you my help and support, and to accept help and support from you. I promise to keep my promises, and not to make promises I can’t keep. I promise to always save you the last waltz.

Second part: Celebrant asks and brides say “I do”

Do you, Greta/Ingrid, take Ingrid/Greta, to be your partner for life, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in conflict and tranquility, in poverty and in comfort, placing her above all others, from this day forward? (I do.)


Celebrant: Greta/Ingrid, repeat after me: With this ring, I thee wed. (brides repeat, exchange rings)


Celebrant: Greta and Ingrid have chosen to be joined in marriage, and have declared their choice to each other and in the presence of this company. They have given each other their promises, and have made their pledge by giving and receiving rings and by joining hands. Therefore, by the power vested in me by Greta and Ingrid and by the witnesses present here today, I now pronounce you partners for life. You may kiss.


I still do, sweetie. Happy anniversary!

The Vows

19 thoughts on “The Vows

  1. 8

    *Cheers* Thanks for sharing this! Especially given that my wife and I just recently got married, with similarly carefully thought-out vows.
    Heh, it’ll give us something to talk about on our way to Skepticon, Greta!

  2. 12

    My poly radar noted the lack of “forsaking all others” language. So congratulations on the trust.
    And congratulations on your happy life together. May it be long, and may your continued happiness together annoy the Mormons every minute!

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