New Fishnet Story: "The Great White"

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The man behind the counter said it was new in. The large conical shaped snout, the upper and lower lobes on the tail fin, the side gills, they are all anatomically correct. The rows of razor sharp teeth have been replaced with soft and pliable plastic incisors, each one acting as a stimulator similar to those found on cock rings. But the best part of all, so the man said, is the dorsal fin. Inside the shark is a tiny motor that runs off batteries. By pressing a small button on the tail section, the motor sends little vibrations to the tip of the dorsal fin. Once the head section of the shark has been fully inserted, the fin is perfectly placed to tickle the clitoris. As well as being arguably the most well known predatory fish in the ocean, nature has designed the arguably the best ergonomically satisfying dildo on the market.


That’s an excerpt from the latest story on Fishnet, the online erotic fiction magazine I’m editing: The Great White, by Craig Wallwork. To read more, read the rest of the story. (Not for anyone under 18.)

Please note: This story contains content that some people may find disturbing, such as non-consent, borderline consent, seriously bodily harm, or incest. If you’re not interested in reading stories with this type of content, please don’t read this story. Enjoy!

New Fishnet Story: "The Great White"
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3 thoughts on “New Fishnet Story: "The Great White"

  1. 1

    If it doesn’t already exist, then I’m sure it won’t be long before someone designs a shark dildo. Thanks Greta for the opportunity to peddle my filth and blend my love for film with the erotic. All the best. Craig

  2. 2

    “…oscillate against Sally’s smooth inner thigh skin…”
    should be
    “…oscillate against the smooth skin of Sally’s inner thigh…”
    IMHO of course

  3. 3

    i skim-read the intro and thought your characters might be using an actual shark body. which made me wince. a lot.
    got here via the scienceblogs clusterfuck. nice work!

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