Brief Blog Break/ Shameless Self-Promotion Opportunity

As y’all know, I’m leaving town tomorrow to give my talk on atheism and sexuality at Indiana University and Purdue. Between the travel and the recent nasty tendinitis flare-up in my right arm (getting better, but I still have to limit my computer time), I won’t be blogging much for the next few days, if at all. I’ll try to keep up the Atheist Memes of the Day, but I don’t know what my free time or Internet connectivity is going to be while I’m gone, so I’m making no promises.

So while I’m away, let’s make this a Shameless Self-Promotion Thread! If you’re a blogger, I’m inviting you to post a link to your blog in this post’s comments. You can link to a specific post or two that you’re extra-fond of, or just let us know about your blog generally.

If you’re not a blogger, feel free to post a link to somebody else’s blog that you like — again, either a specific post you like, or the blog as a whole.

No commercial content, advertising, sales, marketing, etc. However, if you’re an artist or activist or something, and you don’t have a blog but you have a Website, please feel free to link to that instead. Have fun, and I’ll see you when I get back!

Brief Blog Break/ Shameless Self-Promotion Opportunity
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29 thoughts on “Brief Blog Break/ Shameless Self-Promotion Opportunity

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    I started blogging a few months ago: Infallible Failure
    I recently started reading the Qur’an, and I’m blogging my reactions to it. So far, I’ve done the first 2 Juz’ (The Qur’an is broken into 30 Juz’, so that it can be read during their holy month). Here’s the latest one.
    I’ve also had a very helpful commenter (who I assume is a Muslim), reacting to my blog, and providing another viewpoint as well.

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    Well, since you asked:
    I would just like to put in a plug for the excellent unapologetics blog Evangelical Realism ( The writing is every bit as good as that of Ebonmuse (and this blog’s eponymous author), and I’d like to see it get more readers.
    (No, it’s not my own blog — I’m just a fan.)
    ~David D.G.

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    Ah go on then, a quick plug for Cubik’s Rube, though I should really unlurk more often and actually get involved.
    But, since you made the invitation, have a link to something maybe funny I wrote lately about the 10:23 campaign, which has been occupying me a great deal lately.
    Good luck with travelling, talking, and all those other bits in between!

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    I’ve recently become a big fan of Ophelia Benson, who blogs at Butterflies and Wheels. There are a lot of subjects she discusses that don’t get as much attention as they should on other atheist blogs, including mine. Plus she’s wonderfully grumpy (in a good way) and intolerant of nonsense. 🙂

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    Hi! I’m Joel Monka, a Unitarian Universalist and a Pagan, and my blog, CUUmbaya is about those things, plus some politics and humor.
    If you’re wondering why a Pagan would be reading Greta’s blog, it’s simple: one doesn’t learn a thing reading only those like one’s self, and Greta is the best atheist writer extant. Plus we have many views, like sexual justice and liberty, in common.

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    Thank you Greta for this opportunity. I have a little blog called Fruits of Libido. I find that most sex blogs that I follow are written by women. I’m not entirely sure what makes a blog written by a man interesting for women, but I enjoy putting my thoughts into words. Tonight I wrote a Q&A post, which might be appropriate for first-timer readers.

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    My fiance, Ziztur, and I, along with a few other contributors, blog about religion, skepticism in general, alternative medicine, etc. If there’s one thing we try to do, it’s connect with people that we disagree with. We’ve been to 35 different churches now, blogging as we go. We recently e-interviewed Ray Comfort. You get the picture.

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    I’m a Purdue student. So first of all, thanks for coming!
    Second, I’m always up for some shameless self promotion. I’m reading the bible in a year and blogging about it every day. I’m on day 151, so it’s not one of those, get half way through Genesis and give up, deals. Anyway, I just got to Job which is particularly nasty, come check it out…

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    I am also a Purdue student, we’re all really excited for your presentation. Thank you for braving the elements to visit today! I’m looking forward to meeting you.
    I’ll try to do this as shameless as possible. I have a blog that I write that is growing in readership called “Politics and Pucks”. I write about political issues, political science, atheist political issues, religious conflict, and also provide commentary on my other passion the world of professional hockey. I invite you and your readers to check it out at

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    Greta Christina: I really love your blog: Very well done. You pare things (especially religion v. atheism discussions) down to the essentials nicely.
    I’m commenting about the tendonitis though. Some years ago, I got the beginnings of carpal-tunnel in my right (dominant) hand. I had a friend who had cured his by switching computer “mousing” to his non-dominant hand. I switched over to left hand computer mousing over about two weeks of learning curve and I never looked back. No problem with tendonitis, no problem with accurate mousing after the ~2-week learning curve. Try it!
    Be well.

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    A link to my blog is right under this comment, in the link that has my name on it. 😉
    I write mostly about my personal experiences since deconverting from Christianity about two years ago.

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    Small world! I read some of these blogs that have been posted here from time to time. Cool!
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to shamelessly plug. And thanks most of all for the content you share with the rest of the blogsphere.
    Here’s a link to my blog below:
    My Dirty Little Secret
    Thanks again!

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