Friday Cat Blogging: Violet and Physical Therapy

And now, a cute picture of our cat.

Violet on stretching mat

Violet has recently become obsessed with my physical therapy routine. Especially the parts that involve me being on the floor. If she’s in the room when I’m on the floor doing my stretches, she becomes fascinated, and almost inevitably comes over to investigate/ assist/ interfere/ keep me company. And if I have to move the stretching mat when she’s on it, she’ll often hunker down and stubbornly stay there. (At one point even getting into a winner- take- all wrestling match with the mat while I dragged it across the floor.) Here she is while I’m doing one of my hamstring stretches, very considerately keeping my ankle warm.

Friday Cat Blogging: Violet and Physical Therapy
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7 thoughts on “Friday Cat Blogging: Violet and Physical Therapy

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    One of my cats insists on impeding any kind of exercise I attempt at home. Anything that involves lying down, she stands on me. And any yoga position where an affectionate kitty-headbutt will tip me over is rather dangerous.

  2. 4

    Whenever I try to do the plank, my cat insists on walking underneath me. With her tail held high, the better to rub against my stomach, naturally.
    Hm. I think this thread is degenerating into “Yes, cats are vicious selfish destructive bastards, but they’re adorable!”

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