Blog Carnivals!


Blog carnivals!

For those of you who don’t understand this whole Blog Carnival thing: A blog carnival is a roundup of blog posts on a particular topic. If you’re looking for good blog posts about liberal politics or humanist philosophy or knitting or whatever, it’s a good way of finding them. And it’s a good way of branching out and finding good new bloggers who you might not have been aware of. Check them out! They’re nifty! (And if you’re looking for ways to boost your traffic and draw some new eyes to your blog, you might consider hosting one. Carnival organizers are always looking for new hosts.)

Here are some that I think are particularly neat, and that I participate in often.

Humanist Symposium #43, at Prior Perceptions. A carnival of positive godless blogging: atheist blogging devoted, not to criticizing religion (or not solely to it), but to offering positive humanist philosophies and strategies. Probably my favorite blog carnival of all.

Carnival of the Godless #126, at An Apostate’s Chapel. A carnival of atheist blogging… that isn’t necessarily positive, and that does sometimes criticize religion and bring the snark. Good times.

Skeptic’s Circle #120, at Pro-Science. Blogging about skeptical, reason-based approaches to religion, science, medicine, and just life in general.

Carnival of the Liberals #97, at BroadSnark. Liberal pinko bleeding heart blogging. I’ll be hosting the next edition, appropriately enough on Halloween. Please send your liberal pinko bleeding heart blog posts through the blog carnival hosting site.

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Blog Carnivals!
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