Sample Pages for "Best Erotic Comics 2009" Now Available!


Wanna get a taste of what’s inside “Best Erotic Comics 2009”? Of course you do! And now you can! We now have a dedicated webpage for “Best Erotic Comics 2009”… and it has several full-page sample pages from the book. Just click on the thumbnails to see the pages in all their glory.

The sample pages give a nice taste of the flavor of the book, with art in both color and black- and- white, and an assortment of moods, visual styles, and erotic styles — straight, lesbian, gay male, kinky, vanilla, and, shall we say, other. We’ve got sample pages from Erika Moen, Niki Smith, Steve McIsaac, Toshio Saeki, Quinn, Ellen Lindner, Belasco, and Colleen Coover. Enjoy the appetizers!

Sample Pages for "Best Erotic Comics 2009" Now Available!

3 thoughts on “Sample Pages for "Best Erotic Comics 2009" Now Available!

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    Wow, thanks for this! And the book even has one of my stranger own fantasies – very small people (like fairies) who share sexuality with us people. Bzzzz. 🙂

  2. 3

    Even for readers who don’t have a particular, er, interest in inter-scale erotica, Small Favors is the absolute fucking [cherry] bomb purely on the strength of its writing and art.

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