Blog Carnivals!

Blog carnivals! (I got a little backed up on these when I was on vacation — sorry about that!)

Humanist Symposium #40 at the evolving mind. (And because I missed it last time: Humanist Symposium #39 at Daylight Atheism.)

Carnival of the Godless #122 at CyberLizard’s Collection. (And Carnival of the Godless #121 at State of Protest.)

Carnival of the Liberals #95 at Neural Gourmet. (And Carnival of the Liberals #94 at Submitted to a Candid World.)

Skeptics’ Circle #115, at Effort Sisyphus. (And Skeptics’ Circle #114, at Homologous Legs.)

Finally, Skeptical Parent Crossing #10, at On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess.

Happy reading!

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Blog Carnivals!

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