Best Erotic Comics 2009 Is Here!


Best Erotic Comics 2009 is here!

This is the second volume in the series. And I am so proud of it I could burst. Here’s our blurb:

Comics for erotica fans! Erotica for comics fans! Smart, hot, and cutting- edge, Best Erotic Comics 2009 features the sexiest, funniest, filthiest, most beautiful, most unsettling, most inspiring adult comics of today, with work by Alison Bechdel, Gary Baseman, Peter Kuper, Junko Mizuno, Gilbert Hernandez, Ellen Forney, Toshio Saeki, and many other first-rate erotic comic artists.

For erotic connoisseurs who aren’t familiar with the world of comics, this anthology will open up an entirely new world of erotica. For comics fans who would enjoy erotic comics if so many of them weren’t so tacky, this anthology is for you. Best Erotic Comics 2009 has carefully culled the hottest work from today’s literary/ art comics — and the highest- quality work from today’s adult comics — along with some original unpublished work and a couple of vintage gems.

Other artists include Rick Altergott, Belasco, Robin Bougie, Marzia Borino & Mauro Balloni, Andrea Camic, Cephalopod Products, Colleen Coover, John Cuneo, DIRTY FOUND Magazine, Drub, Jess Fink, Jim Goad & Jim Blanchard, Diego Greco & Erdosain, Justin Hall, Molly Kiely, Ellen Lindner, Steve MacIsaac, Erika Moen, Quinn, Cristy C. Road, and Niki Smith. Cover art by Junko Mizuno. 8″ x 11″, paperback, color and b&w.

BEC 2008 cover, full size
Praise for Best Erotic Comics 2008:

“A sensual trip into the wide world of sex… Seasoned sex writer Greta Christina is out to provoke discussion, identification, lust, and much more with this collection.” –Rachel Kramer Bussel

“This book has been far too long in coming… We love erotic comics here at Blowfish, and we cannot think of a better volume to get for an overview of the genre.” –

“American literary erotic fiction and the great American graphic novel just had a love child, and Greta Christina is its savant midwife… Don’t bother me, I want to be alone with Best Erotic Comics.” –Susie Bright

The editor — that’s ME, ME, ME — is available for interviews. Interview requests, publicity questions, and congratulatory telegrams should be sent to [email protected], or [email protected]. I’ll post more here about publicity events and whatnot as the occasions arise. Yippee!

Best Erotic Comics 2009 Is Here!

4 thoughts on “Best Erotic Comics 2009 Is Here!

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    Hm. I’d love to see some little bit of example art, just to get a feeling for what would be in there. The cover art is cute and unusual, but not directly erotic for me (although I noticed the butts and boobs hat deco). Any chance for that?

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    Hey Greta, Congratulations!!
    I’ve been reading your blog lately and I was about to buy your comic book when I saw it is sold in SF. I’ll be going there this Wednesday so I’m putting off this purchase so I can do it in person. Great blog, your ideas about athiests and homosexuals caught my eye. I’m a straight atheist woman who always thought of the parallels between the two groups. Finding myself keeping my mouth shut on so many occasions about my lack of belief really made me respect gays who are not shy about who they are. I still don’t have the nerve to say it most of the time unless I’m in the company of people I really trust. Anyway, that made me look around the rest of your site and there’s great stuff here, thanks!!

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