Brief Blog Break, Plus Shameless Self- Promotion Op, a Fun Game, and Blog Carnivals

Wedding rings
I’m going to be out of town for a few days, officiating at the wedding of my friends Chip and Hayley. I’m bringing my computer and will check in on the blog now and then, but it’s unlikely that I’ll have time to post anything new until after I get back. Don’t expect anything new here until Monday or Tuesday.

In the meantime, why don’t y’all use this post for some shameless self- promotion. If you want to plug your blog — either a particular post or just your blog in general — here and now is the place and time to do it. Or if you have a project you’re working on that you want to tell the other readers here about — or there’s a post on another blog that you think is keen and want to plug — you can do that as well.

There’s also a fun contest over at Friendly Atheist that you might want to check out. The rules: Replace any word from the title of, or a line from, a book about atheism… with the word “Pants.” (Example from one of my own submissions: “Pants: The Failed Hypothesis.”) Winners will get a nifty Friendly Atheist bracelet. And just reading the submissions so far is about twenty five hoots.

Finally — blog carnivals!

Humanist Symposium #32 at A Superfluous Ramble.

Carnival of the Godless #110 at The Greenbelt.

Carnival of the Liberals #84, at Submitted to a Candid World.

And Skeptic’s Circle #105, at It’s the Thought that Counts.

That ought to keep you busy while I’m gone. Have fun, and I’ll see you soon!

Brief Blog Break, Plus Shameless Self- Promotion Op, a Fun Game, and Blog Carnivals

20 thoughts on “Brief Blog Break, Plus Shameless Self- Promotion Op, a Fun Game, and Blog Carnivals

  1. 1

    Let the self-promotion begin! In my latest post I look at the tactics the 3 world religions (Islam, Christianity and of course Buddhism) used to spread so far and so wide.
    Although there are some stereotypes (esp. with Islam and forced conversions) the situation is much more complicated than that, with all 3 using some clever marketing techniques.

  2. 7

    I like the self-promotion idea; as readers who love this blog will more likely write things I’m interested in. I’ll definitely be checking out those blogs.
    I’m also really new to blogging, but my idea was to talk about the intersection between science and Buddhism, in other words, what natural science can tell us about ethics and our worldviews. If this interests you, check it out and leave a comment; I’m much more likely to post more often if I think people are actually reading my ramblings ^_^
    Have fun at the wedding Greta, I will miss your posts!

  3. 8

    Hell, I’m shameless.
    Looking forward to hearing what a Greta Christina’d Officiation looks like.
    Anyway, if anyone is so inclined, please check out my blog, State of Protest, which, according to my little about thingy, is run by skeptics, atheists, and other alleged undesirables who assert that critical thinking and rational activism are key elements in making progress against the status quo of a religiously controlled world.
    Or something like that.
    (I wish I had my wedding officiated by someone like Greta Christina (and that’s not fluffy fake flattery, either!) )

  4. 9

    Self promotion: go read Epsilon Clue. Atheism, skepticism, politics, and whatever else tickles my fancy[*] at the moment.
    [*] Greta, as a professional sex writer, I’m sure you’ve forgotten more about tickling fancies than I’ve ever known. You’re more than welcome to stop by and share your expertise.

  5. 13

    Whee, an invitation for shameless self-promotion!
    For those of you that live in the San Francisco area, I’m the creator of a San Francisco-based puppetry troupe called ‘The Shadow Circus Creature Theatre.’ We do adult-orientated puppet shows using life-sized latex monsters – kind of like if the creatures from ‘Dark Crystal’ acted out scripts from ‘South Park.’
    In any case, many of our scripts definitely appeal to the skeptical audience. One of our productions last year made fun of the ‘Ghost Hunters’ TV show (the San Francisco Paranormal Society actually showed up to see it, even though we were blatantly making fun of the sort of thing they do), and in our present production (which will be performed in April) we make fun of ‘The Secret.’
    You can find out more about the troupe and our upcoming show at our official website:

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