The Sorrowful Mystery of Preacher Jenkins Part 1

My brother is (a) wildly talented, and (b) a strange, strange person. Which is good, since otherwise he wouldn’t fit in very well at family gatherings. (On both counts.)

He’s lately taken up filmmaking as a serious hobby, and has put a series of his short films onto YouTube. I like all of them… but this, I think, is his masterwork so far. Unsettling, beautiful, irreverent about religion and yet fascinated by it… you can see why I like it. (And it has his Blasphemy Challenge shoehorned into it, which Blasphemy Challenge fans should find interesting.) He films under the name PreacherJenkins, but he’s not a preacher — that’s just a nom de camera.

It’s The Sorrowful Mystery of Preacher Jenkins, Part 1. Video below the fold (since putting videos above the fold mucks up my archives). Or you can watch it directly on YouTube.

Some other nifty videos by PreacherJenkins:

The Big Cheese
The Big Cheese Part 2
Fallen Timbers 1794 (this is also, IMO, another exceptionally good one)
Mama Used to Love Me

The Sorrowful Mystery of Preacher Jenkins Part 1

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