Gratitude For Small Favors: “Evolve: Sex” (The Blowfish Blog)


I have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog. It’s a review of the “Sex” episode of the new History Channel series, “Evolve”… and it talks about why, despite a number of complaints I have about the program’s handling of sex, I’m overall giving it a thumbs-up. It’s called Gratitude For Small Favors: “Evolve: Sex,” and here’s the teaser:

I suppose I should be grateful.

And I am grateful.

But it’s a bit sad that I should be grateful about something that should be ridiculously obvious — and ridiculously common.

I’m grateful for this: On the History Channel’s series “Evolve,” on the episode about sex, they say the word “penis.”

Several times. Casually, matter- of- factly, as if they were saying the word “jaw” or “kidney.” When they say, “The penis is a good example of convergent evolution,” they could just as easily have been saying, “The eye is a good example of convergent evolution.”

Ditto with the words “intercourse,” “sperm,” “sex organs,” “climax,” “ejaculate,” and more.

And, of course, the word “sex” itself.

To find out more about why I liked this show despite my complaints about it — and what exactly those complaints are — read the rest of the piece. Enjoy!

Gratitude For Small Favors: “Evolve: Sex” (The Blowfish Blog)
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One thought on “Gratitude For Small Favors: “Evolve: Sex” (The Blowfish Blog)

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    I haven’t seen this yet – one day when I’m less busy and can check out the torrents or youtube, perhaps. But I thought you might like another example of sanity.
    We have an Australian TV show called “The New Inventors”, which is a totally G-rated program screened at 8pm. Recently, one of the featured inventors had come up with some sort of cloth sling device to assist large-breasted women with breast feeding. And as with all the inventions, she demonstrated it in practice. We had a real live breast feeding woman, naked breast, big nipple and all, settle in to feed her infant on national prime time TV. And totally matter of fact discussions about nipples and breast shapes.
    We’re not as prudish in Aus as you guys, but even so, I thought this was a notable advance.

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