Good Stuff, or, Greta’s Sporadic Blog Carnival #3


So what the heck — let’s have another round of Cool Stuff I Saw on the Blogosphere and Wanted to Share with the Rest of the Class. A.k.a.: Greta’s Sporadic Blog Carnival, #3.

The Real Religious Terrorism, by Sarah Braasch at Freedom from Religion Foundation. A vivid, chilling story of a childhood as a Jehovah’s Witness. Exhibit A in what atheists are talking about when we say religion gets a free ride: if parents treated their children this way in the name of anything other than religion, society would universally recoil in horror. Via Friendly Atheist.

The XY Games, by Jennifer Finney Boylan at the New York Times. (No, it’s not a blog post — so sue me.) On gender testing at the Olympics… and why it’s testing for the wrong thing.

Militant Atheists, by Al Sweigart at CoffeeGhost. A nifty, funny video on why the phrase “militant atheist” is both inaccurate and bigoted. Includes a faux newsreel, which is always a good time. Via Friendly Atheist.

Negative Energy Research, by Skeptico. Psychics and other woo practitioners often claim that their abilities and effects disappear in the face of rigorous testing because the presence of skeptics produces “negative energy.” Here, Skeptico proposes an experiment that would test this effect. Does the presence of a skeptic have a negative impact on psychic ability? And if so, under what conditions?

McCain Antoinette, by Waymon Hudson at The Bilerico Project. John McCain has created an image of himself as a maverick “everyman” — but his disconnected ignorance about the economic realities of ordinary Americans are closer to Marie Antoinette’s mythical line, “Let them eat cake.”

The Internal Clitoris — What a Woman’s Cock Really Looks Like. An anatomy lesson from Susie Bright, with visual aids by Betty Dodson.

And Sophisticated Urban Indoor Camouflage, on ErosBlog. Naked woman, beautifully painted to match the wallpaper. Gorgeous and strange. (The rest of the gallery that the image is from is neat, too.)

Happy reading, y’all!

Good Stuff, or, Greta’s Sporadic Blog Carnival #3
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One thought on “Good Stuff, or, Greta’s Sporadic Blog Carnival #3

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    A little something to enliven your day — especially if you are a fan of the Britsh SF show — on BBCAmerica as well — PRIMEVAL. A quote from the star, Douglas Henshall (“Professor Cutter”):
    Douglas:( on religion and the Christian church) I loathe religion of all forms. I think the Church especially is resposible for more pain, more suffering that any other thing on the planet. I would have those people involved in it shot.” (From the TV.COM bio page)
    Were you the person who keeps the list of atheists in the entertainment business? Here’s another one to add.

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