Blog Carnivals!


Blog carnivals!

Humanist Symposium #22 (always my favorite blog carnival) at Faith in Honest Doubt. This one has a nifty theme of questions and questioning.

Carnival of the Liberals #69 at Stump Lane (where they somehow managed to avoid stupid jokes about the carnival’s number — good for them!).

Skeptic’s Circle #91 at Sorting Out Science.

And Carnival of the Godless #96 at Sean the Blogonaut. (Who picked mine as one of the top five posts of the carnival — thanks, Sean!)

Happy reading, everybody!

Blog Carnivals!

One thought on “Blog Carnivals!

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    It was really hard agonizing over those 5 posts.
    I wanted to stress that these were some of the posts I thought you just couldn’t miss. I could have broadened it to a top 10 must but really wanted an “Atheism to go” selection.

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