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20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. 7

    Greta … happy birthday. I can’t think of any witty birthday verses, but I can send you a dozen long-stem e-roses:

  2. 8

    Happy birthday to Greta
    Cake, balloons and confetta-
    Best wishes for the new year
    Because life is wonderful and worthwhile without having to believe that you were created by a magic man who watches you day and night to keep track of his personalized Plan for your life.
    That really doesn’t work, does it?

  3. 10

    Happy Birthday to you,
    And a good New Year’s, too!
    May you write more pages
    Than Foley can do.
    Discovered your blog this year, and have greatly enjoyed all of your posts (including the cat pictures). Peace to you and Ingrid!
    – Miz L.

  4. 12

    Happy Birthday to you!
    To this blog I am new.
    But you now have a friend,
    In a Texas public school…
    Dang! That kinda rhymed. Oh well. Keep up the nice work out there!

  5. 15

    wishing you a happy fun brilliant jumpy smooth slutty lolling sweet and tangy birthday!
    Happy 2008 too. With Love from Jenine and Dan

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