Carnival of the Godless #78: Simple List Format Edition

Hello, and welcome to the Carnival of the Godless #78: Simple List Format Edition. We also have a clever Haunted House themed version of the Carnival, especially for Halloween. But for those of you who don’t like the themed carnivals and just want the damn list of links, here you go.

Luke presents 16 Techniques of Critical Thinking posted at “16 techniques of critical thinking, with additional resources.”

Curmudgeonly Yours presents Dangerous thought posted at The Mutt’s Nuts.

A.C. Chase presents Define Atheist posted at Alexander the Atheist.

Tangled Up in Blue Guy presents Religion And Scarcity posted at Tangled Up in Blue Guy. “I’ve read the first half of the book “Fighting Words” by Hector Avalos, and this is an early review.”

Tangled Up in Blue Guy again presents Is Your Pastor Teaching Biology? posted at Tangled Up in Blue Guy. “I know I all ready sent something, and this is a few weeks old, but PZ Myers had some very nice things to say about this post; so I thought I would toot my own horn a bit. The gist is that in framing, atheism is not hurting science, its apathy and distraction. Here is a bit of an illustration of why people go to the church to take their science larnin.'”

Romeo Vitelli presents Dying of Evolution? posted at Providentia. “Unintended consequences can be fatal. An almost forgotten figure in the history of evolution.”

Radical Atheist presents Atheism defined posted at One Less God Than You.

Holly Ord presents Nontheistic Billboards posted at Menstrual Poetry.

SocraticGadfly presents Contra Buddhism I posted at The Philosophy of the Socratic Gadfly. “A brief poem challenging the idea that Buddhism is not a religion.”

SocraticGadfly presents Contra Buddhism II posted at The Philosophy of the Socratic Gadfly. (Two-parter with previous post.)

The Whited Sepulchre presents What Ann Coulter Got Right. Or Not. posted at The Whited Sepulchre.

Norman Doering presents Don’t try this at home posted at A Blog from Hell. “Looks at an old CSICOP article that explores why people don’t change their beliefs. It warns people against using exactly the kind of snark and insults I use.”

Jeff Matheny presents Jesus is Preventing My Success posted at The Gay Black Jew. “I think Jesus was an arrogant, psychotic, delusional, manic-depressive bastard tyrant!”

False Prophet presents Twisted Jenius- Evil Rant #29- The Power of Disbelief posted at Evil Rant.

exapologist presents The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument posted at Debunking Christianity.

Jeremy Adam Smith presents More kids vs. religion posted at Daddy Dialectic.

adam h presents help, demons in my guitars! posted at …And That’s How You Live With A Curse.

John P presents Things I’m Getting Tired Of Hearing posted at Spanish Inquisitor. “Just a post sparked by a little frustration at hearing the same nonsense over and over.”

Thad Guy presents First Hand Evidence posted at Thad Guy. “I may have misjudged the stereotype of an immoral atheist. Sure, it is insulting, false, and narrow-minded. But, short sighted? Maybe not. That stereotype might just be a well crafted bit of irony.”

John presents I’m sorry! Really. I am. | hell’s handmaiden posted at Hell’s Handmaiden.

Alonzo Fyfe presents Moral Outrage posted at Atheist Ethicist.

The Ridger presents The right to face the truth posted at The Greenbelt. “Why the Christian right is so upset over Dumbledore’s being gay.”

No More Mr. Nice Guy! presents D’inept D’loser posted at No more Mr. Nice Guy!. “Once again, Dinesh D’Souza opens mouth, inserts foot.”

Barry Leiba presents Qualifications for the job posted at Staring At Empty Pages.

Heather Annastasia presents Now posted at Heather Annastasia’s Politics Blog.

Chris presents How to free your spirits, body and mind. Completely! posted at nomad4ever.

Ron Britton presents Protect the Constitution, not the Pledge posted at Bay of Fundie.

jeff presents The Genius of Talking Out One’s Ass posted at The Big Picture.

Robin Armstrong presents flemco: Gotta pull the plug on it. posted at James Grant’s Livejournal. “After a short series of blog posts parroting some of sillier lines he’s heard spouted by Wiccans and other pagans of the fluffy variety, Mr. Grant comes to the crux of the matter and explains exactly why he says the things he says. The tone and fury may worry the fainter-of-heart, but I found it a valuable insight to the very real need for wider-spread freethinking, and the tactics that may be necessary in helping this happen. Read and enjoy!”

Aerik Knapp-Loomis presents Christian Privilege: Christians Can’t Understand when Atheists Given Attention posted at Agnosticism / Atheism. “I submitted this article to reddit and a user has already accused the paper in question of publishing hate-speech on the basis that Richard Dawkins calls Christians stupid.”

Andrew presents Watch Alister McGrath Take a Very Long Time To Say Very Little posted at Sexy Secularist!. “Described by PZ Myers as a “pitch-perfect” impersonation of Alister McGrath peforming various activities, from ordering at a restaurant to performing phone sex.”

C. L. Hanson presents Atheist pride . . .? posted at Main Street Plaza. “For fun I led a discussion on an LDS-interest blog as to whether the Book of Mormon accurately predicts atheist pride.”

Mark A. Rayner presents Robo-schism posted at The Skwib.

Dale Smith presents Is Christianity a Religion of Peace? posted at faith in honest doubt. “I don’t see any indication of a theme to this godless carnival, so I just picked a post. I hope you like it, and thanks!”

adam h presents the new “atheist symbol” posted at …And That’s How You Live With A Curse.

Cheerful Iconoclast presents All Hail the Darwinian State posted at cheerful iconoclast. “This entry discusses some recent comments by Richard Dawkins and how they have been used by creationists. It also discusses the relationship between political ideology and atheism.”

Steven Alleyn presents Significance in Insignificance posted at More Opinions than Assholes. “Response to the article about significance of humanity in a godless universe.”

vjack presents Atheism In America posted at Atheist Revolution.

Greta Christina presents Atheists and Anger posted at Greta Christina’s Blog. “Why many atheists are angry; why our anger is valid, valuable, and necessary; and why it’s completely f***ed-up to try to take our anger away from us.”

The next Carnival of the Godless will be held at Aardvarchaeology on Nov 11, 2007. Godless bloggers are encouraged to submit your posts.

Carnival of the Godless #78: Simple List Format Edition

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