The Lefty Pinko Wire Service

I just found out about this recently, and I’m having the “Where have you been all my life?” reaction, so I want to tell everyone else about it.

It’s AlterNet. It’s sort of a lefty magazine/ wire service: a compendium of progressive news, opinion, and blogging from all over the Internets, with both original pieces and reprints from other sources. (What do you call a reprint when it’s online instead of in print?) They’ve got some serious heavy hitters: on today’s home page, I’m seeing writing from Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Julian Bond…

…and me.

Me, me, me.

I just had my first piece go up on AlterNet this weekend — “Why Civil Unions Aren’t Enough”, reprinted from this very blog — and I’m thrilled beyond measure. (Of course they don’t include all the pretty illustrations that I use on my blog; but being on the same Web magazine as Julian Bond and Michael Moore kind of makes up for that.)

This could be a big break for me. It could get me some real exposure in new and exciting places. So keep your fingers crossed — I’m going to continue to send them my best lefty blogging, and hope to appear there more. Check out the site — it’s a great source of good, smart, thoughtful lefty writing, and with any luck, it’s going to make me a star.

The Lefty Pinko Wire Service
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3 thoughts on “The Lefty Pinko Wire Service

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    Unfortunately, Alternet may be cursed with one of the most abysmally ignorant group of commentators on the entire internet, and doubly so if the post is anything to with sexuality.

  2. 2

    I’m sorry to hear you say that, IACB. But I don’t agree. Admittedly I’ve only recently started reading AlterNet, but what I’ve read so far has mostly impressed me. And while I haven’t yet read much of their sex writing, they do have Susie Bright on board as a regular columnist, so they can’t be complete idiots.

  3. 3

    To be clear, I’m not talking about Alternet itself or the Alternet writers, but about the *commentators* who discuss the Alternet posts (the way we’re discussing this post now). My experience has been, that when it comes to sex work and porn-related topics, the level of discussion is pretty low. I refer specifically to this article by Sara Katherine Lewis and the commentary that followed (which said more about some peoples irrational hatred of sex workers than anything about stripping per se):

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