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(I don’t really talk about my own sex life in this piece, but it may still be too much information for family members and others with, you know, boundaries. So be advised.)

This one is a doozy, folks. If you read only one piece I write this week, make it this piece.

It’s Christian Spanking Porn. One of the stranger cultural twists I’ve come across in some time. It’s got sex, religion, kink, gender politics, questions about consent… all mixed up in a fascinating, disturbing, completely bizarre stew. And I blog about it over at the Blowfish Blog. The gist of it… well, here’s the teaser.

A CDD (Christian Domestic Discipline) marriage is “set up according to Biblical standards; that is, the husband is the authority in the household. The wife is submissive to her husband as is fit in the Lord and her husband loves her as himself… He has the authority to spank his wife for punishment… ” Etc.

There are, of course, websites. And this website (apparently the main one) has advice, information… and spanking fiction.

“Romances,” with spankings at the core, labeled for sale by how heavy the spankings are (“contains moderate spanking,” “moderate to slightly severe spanking,” “the spanking in this novel is very mild”).

In other words — spanking porn.

And it creeps me out.

So I’m trying to decide whether that creeped-outedness is fair.

Fascinating. Disturbing. Completely bizarre. Check it out.

Christian Spanking Porn: The Blowfish Blog

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    I very very much look forward to reading your piece when I get home from work. Have you checked out Taken In Hand? It’s a very similar concept without all the god-bothering. It, too, bugs me, but I too have questions about why it bugs me and whether that’s fair (as a kinky gal myself).
    Ps — I found your blog thru Pharyngula during the whole Blasphemy Challenge ordeal, and I just love it. Also, I was super psyched to find out that some of my best-loved erotica stories (View from the Sometingth Floor esp!) were from you! Small world 🙂

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