Baffling Porn: Naked Girls Smoking Weed

I don’t get it.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it. I just don’t get it. I find it profoundly baffling.

We got this book in at the place where I work (Last Gasp, a small press and alternative book and comic distributor and mail-order company). It’s called Naked Girls Smoking Weed: Best of 420 Girls, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from the title: photos of naked and half-naked girls, smoking weed, or posing with pot plants.

And I just don’t get why that’s hot.

Admittedly, I don’t smoke weed much anymore. But I don’t think I’d be turned on by pictures of naked girls drinking bourbon, either. Or naked girls eating roasted chicken. Or naked girls listening to Radiohead. Or naked girls reading Richard Dawkins.

Okay, strike that last one. That last one is hot.

But you see what I mean? It’s not like two great tastes always taste great together. So why these two tastes? Why pictures of naked girls with marijuana?

Is it that marijuana is something of an aphrodisiac? It never was for me, but I get that it is for some people: it relaxes you, lowers your inhibitions, all that good stuff. So maybe it’s hot to imagine being stoned with a naked girl — or being with a stoned naked girl — with either or both of you being all relaxed and uninhibited and mildly aphrodisiaced.

But booze does much the same thing — relaxes, uninhibits. I actually find it more of an aphrodisiac than weed — at least, if I can catch my tipsiness in that all-too-fleeting stage between friskiness and sleep. And again, I really don’t think I’d be turned on by photos of naked girls drinking Manhattans, or posing pertly in distilleries.

So what’s the attraction? Can anyone enlighten me? I’m really not scolding or judging. I’m just baffled, and entertained by my own bafflement. Inquiring minds want to know.

Baffling Porn: Naked Girls Smoking Weed
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9 thoughts on “Baffling Porn: Naked Girls Smoking Weed

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    I confess I really don’t know either, but I assume that it’s additional lure of the forbidden. Look at what the right-wingers are harping on as “immorality” – sex and the drugs that are more fun than the tobacco we couldn’t POSSIBLY stop subsidizing farmers of – and you have exactly what people are going to want to do.
    There are other drugs that I would think would be more fun with sex – the reports I’ve heard of sex with MDMA are very positive – but if you just want a lot of harmless sinning, that’s a good combination.
    I confess, I’m guessing, but it makes a certain amount of sense.
    The main thing to remember is that there’s *someone* on this planet with a fetish for just about anything imaginable. The only question is the popularity.
    Do you remember the scene in _Secretary_ where she meets this fellow who likes being tied to an oven and pelted with tomatoes? Doesn’t float my boat either, but there’s someone getting off on that scene right now.
    (Me, I’ve found a good test of a fellow perv is to ask about the hottest scene in that movie. For me, it’s when she wets herself waiting for her master to come back. Fellow pervs understand. Non-pervs miss the point and think I’m into pee.)

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    Actually, a picture of a naked girl drinking bourbon sounds really hot to me. Bourbon is a pretty color, kind of glowing like auburn hair and she could be lying in front of a fire in a sort of retro 70s living room with a furry rug and…um…yeah…

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    read the intro… it tells you why i made this book and why i do what i do… in a nutshell, the 420 Girls are like the geico lizard… i use them to get attention to our movement… then educate them about this plant in the process… did you notice that every page has a hemp or marijuana related fact or quote?… this is how i create cannabis awareness through entertainment… the girls draw them in, then we educate them…;)
    willie nelson woked for a while, but in this new day and age, we must use more modern cannabis poster children… and if it’s a naked playboy bunny doing a bong rip in a grow house full of marijuana, so be it…;)
    thanks and much love to you all.
    rob griffin

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    As it happens, I’m here at BookExpo this weekend, and I’m sharing boothspace with Goliath. They’re featuring “Naked Girls Smoking Weed” at the front of the booth, and it’s stopping people dead; they love it.
    The reaction seems to be not so much oh-wow-this-is-hot as what-fun! The book is very much in the mold of Goliath’s previous “Naked Happy Girls,” which I love simply because everybody in it seems to be having a good time instead of affecting that sullen pout that’s so endemic in nude photography. I guess the Weed book is more of the same — if you’re smoking weed, you’re presumably having a good time.
    Think of it as a photo book that isn’t so much porn as it is like books of pictures of puppies and kitties: just fun to look at.

  5. 5

    It doesn’t work for me either. I think I’d be really insulted if a girl thought she had to get high to have sex with me, and I like my partners to be “in the moment” rather than “out to lunch.”

  6. 6

    “read the intro… it tells you why i made this book and why i do what i do…”
    Hi, Rob. Thanks for visiting my blog! I like your reply… but while it answers the question “why you wanted to make the book,” it doesn’t quite answer “why people would want to look at it.”
    I think Janet’s answer is interesting and may well be a big part of the answer; but I’m still curious as to whether anyone finds this idea hot-hot, as opposed to “what fun!” hot.
    (And yes: Naked Happy Girls rocks.)

  7. 7

    I googled “Naked Happy Girls” and was amused that one of the top replies was a link to a tv show of that name on the Playboy Channel.
    The front page shows four “snapshots”:
    two of nekkid women from behind
    one of a photographer shooting
    two snuggling women of indeterminate
    facial expression in the distance,
    and one of a photog and model
    looking at themselves in the mirror
    with EXTREMELY unhappy facial expressions. It’s interesting to see that this meme has such cachet that it can be invoked by name without regard to actually delivering.

  8. 8

    As someone who has a weird kink (not this particular one, but equally weird, and not even recognizable as sexual to the average person) – trust me, it’s even odder to be seeing the situation from the other side. There’s something that’s unbelievably, wonderfully, stirringly erotic, but only to oneself (and, thanks to this modern age, to the few kindred spirits found on the net). I can hardly conceive of NOT being turned on by my kink — but 99.9whatever percent of the world isn’t. It’s a weird sensation for me to think of what a different world the non-kinky are living in.

  9. 9

    What are you talking about?? Naked girls drinking bourbon is so hot. I actually have a calendar of naked girls drinking bourbon in all kinds of positions for every day of the year!!
    Just kidding. I’m just being difficult 😉

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