Dream diary, 5/20/07, The gun and the Converse high-tops

Dream #1: I dreamed that I was at a restaurant with friends (in that dream way, they were close friends in the dream, but not anyone I know in real life). A man came into the restaurant waving a gun around in the air, and everyone in the restaurant started going crazy. I called the police on my cel phone, and then managed to get the gun away from the guy, by hitting him on the head with a large metal valve that was on the table. The police came — but the gun had disappeared, and my friends started saying that they hadn’t seen the gun, didn’t know what I was talking about, and didn’t know why I’d hit this guy (who was still knocked out cold). The police arrested me for assault and for filing a false police report, which they were calling “first degree fraud” and which they saw as much more serious than the assault. The rest of the dream involved me being processed and put in jail, and completely freaking out because it was obvious that my friends were fucking with me or framing me, and I had no idea why. I woke up very upset, and it took me a while to shake it off.

Dream #2: I dreamed that I was in a shoe store trying on sneakers, and discovered that they had started making Converse high-tops with decent padding and arch support. I was very excited — I bought a pair with Tweety Birds all over them, and was thrilled that I could start wearing Converse high-tops again. This was a very happy dream, and I woke up in a good mood, but somewhat disappointed that it wasn’t true.

Dream diary, 5/20/07, The gun and the Converse high-tops
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One thought on “Dream diary, 5/20/07, The gun and the Converse high-tops

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    I sometimes dream that a 1) I won a lot of money, or 2) that I broke my skateboard trying a trick.
    On awaking after either, it takes a second to get grounded again. In the first case I awake elated, then instantly nose dive because I didn’t win anything and the bank account still consists of three digits; in the second case I awake super bummed, then relief sets in when I see my shred stick leaning against the wall in one piece.

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