Dream diary, 6/12/06: Death ballooons

I dreamed that I woke up in bed with Ingrid, and there were all these balloons on the pillow next to Ingrid’s head. (The long balloon-animal kind, not the round kind.) The balloons were in a strange configuration: they were very menacing, and seemed to be spelling out some sort of magical runes. I was quite upset, and struggled for a while to figure out what the runes were saying. Then I suddenly realized they were in the form of a magical spell that was threatening Ingrid and might kill her.

This was a genuine night terror (although not as bad as ones I’ve had in the past). I woke in a wordless panic, and frantically shook Ingrid awake to get her away from the death balloons — but I wasn’t able to speak and tell her what was wrong. I didn’t realize it was a dream until Ingrid said, “Greta, are you dreaming?” and even then I stayed upset for some time. It wasn’t until I woke up again several hours later that morning that I was able to see the humor in having a full-blown, “waking in the night unable to scream” night terror about evil balloon animals trying to kill my girlfriend.

Dream diary, 6/12/06: Death ballooons
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3 thoughts on “Dream diary, 6/12/06: Death ballooons

  1. 1

    Damn, that’s farkin’ scary. I don’t blame you for not seeing the humor in it; the idea of an essentially childish amusement being a vehicle for sorcery is genuinely disconcerting.
    Once when I lived in San Antonio, I was walking through a park and found a Mickey Mouse doll nailed to a tree through its head. The same sense of using innocense as a vehicle for malevolence came over me.

  2. Dan

    Yeah… I’m a TOTALLY PROFESSIONAL psychologist, and it is my highly informed opinion that this dream means you want to have sex with your mother.
    …just thought I’d clear that up, in case you were wondering about how to interpret it.

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