Truth is grosser than fiction: The Thorax Cake

So the other day I was googling “cake,” looking for the women who throw the feminist stripper parties… and about the tenth entry from the top on Google, I saw this phrase:

“This year I decided to go the whole hog and make an entire thoracic cavity cake.”

Naturally, I immediately abandoned my search for boring old feminist stripper parties, and instead followed this bright new trail in search of the pleasures it might bring. The road less travelled, and all that. (I’m sure Robert Frost was talking about thoracic cavity cake Websites when he wrote that…)

I’ll warn you — the picture below is gross. Amazing, but gross. (Do click to enlarge — the level of detail is stunning.)


There is, in fact, an entire multi-section Web page devoted to this thing — including details on how it was made (it took hours and hours of work), the event it was made for… and, of course, many more pictures, both of the finished product and the steps along the way. It’s here:

I don’t really know what else to say. I’m kind of speechless. All I can say is: I love people. People are so deeply weird, it kills me. I love that people will spend hours and hours making something this elaborately grotesque, only to offer it to their friends the next day to be eaten. (Well, okay, and to photograph it and put it on their Website… but still.) We can be such a beautiful, obsessive, profoundly odd species, and as fucked-up as we are, there are times when I feel blessed to be part of it. And discovering that I share the planet with the creator of the thoracic cavity cake was definitely one of those times. Mazeltov.

Truth is grosser than fiction: The Thorax Cake
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3 thoughts on “Truth is grosser than fiction: The Thorax Cake

  1. 2fs

    This is rather more detailed than my idea – but I confess I felt a bit chagrined to see this…since I’d wanted to make an “Alien Autopsy” cake for several years. A friend of mine is (tongue-in-cheek) rather into all the UFO/X-Files-y stuff out there, and additionally, he enjoys baking goofy themed items. So an alien autopsy cake would have been perfect for him. Ah, sigh at what could have been, I guess…

  2. 3

    I think you should do the alien autopsy cake anyway, 2fs. After all, there’s nothing new under the sun — everything we do is a reworking of stuff that’s been done before, and that doesn’t make it not original if we do it with our own spin, or not worth doing. And I want to see the photos!

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