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Welcome to Wealth & Value, a website created by professional traders with the purpose of explaining how the financial markets work and how online brokerage companies operate. Since retail financial trading has seen a huge boom in recent years and online brokers have spawn like mushrooms after the rain, we decided to create a small informative website that will explain how those brokers work and what to be aware of if you decide to start trading.

As professional traders with years of experience in the industry, we know that there is a huge lack of information about retail brokers on the internet, despite the huge number of websites that promote retail brokers. The reason why a lot of essential information is “hidden” from the general public is because most websites earn their revenue by promoting brokerage companies and prefer to discuss only the positive aspects of this industry while avoiding to speak about the uglier parts.

Since we are aware that the opening of the financial industry to the retail public has brought amazing opportunities to regular investors, we want to share from our vast experience and help new investors to stay on the safe side and avoid the bad companies that make a bad reputation to an otherwise honest industry. We have separated the website in two main sections: one about binary options brokers and one about forex brokers.

Binary Options Brokers

In this section you will find the truth about how binary options brokers operate and our recommendations on how to stay safe and avoid the brokers with poor reputation. We will try to present the binary options industry in an open and honest way and shed some light into one of the most debated topics about online trading. To learn more about binary options trading you can visit our binary options brokers section.

Best Forex Brokers

This section is dedicated to forex and CFD brokers and will help you understand the insights of the forex trading industry. It contains detailed information about the way forex brokers operate and how to make sure you are working with a broker that works on your side. We will also give recommendations on what to look for when choosing your broker. More information about forex trading can be found on our forex brokers section.


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