Lenticular Extravaganza at Mount Rainier!

So, my friend Merideth and I went down to Mount Rainier on Saturday. The weather didn’t start out promising, but it put on such a fantastic show for us once we got there! Look at this lenticular cloud the mountain is wearing!

Image shows Mount Rainier's summit, with a forest of firs in the foreground. On the left of the picture, there's nothing but frothy white and gray clouds. Behind those clouds, half of the summit is visible, capped by a lenticular cloud that is sitting right on top of the mountain. It looks like the brim of a haute couture newsboy cap. Behind it is pure blue sky.
Mount Rainier from Sunrise parking lot. Look at that jaunty lenticular cap!

There’s a whole lot more where that came from. To get a sneak peak at trip highlights and unedited photos, hop on over to my Facebook feed. Everything’s set to public, so everyone can enjoy!

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Lenticular Extravaganza at Mount Rainier!