Saturday Song: Uplifting

There are songs that can put us back together when we feel shattered. Songs that inspire us to pick up and keep going, songs that give us hope. This one lately has become one of my go-tos. It’s beautiful in its own right. It’s even more beautiful when I need to hear a reminder that I’m actually not as damaged as I think I am.

Which song gives you a hand up when you need it?

Image shows a woman's hands making a heart over the setting sun, with a seascape beyond. Everything has a golden hue.

Saturday Song: Uplifting

Saturday Song: Dunno the Words, But Love the Tune

We’re moving our singsongs to Saturdays, as I’ve got other things planned for the next several Sundays. You’ll love it, I hope.

This week’s theme is Songs We Don’t Understand the Words To, but Love Anyway. I’ve got so many of these. This is one of my particular favorites, but the only thing I’ve translated so far is the title: Continue reading “Saturday Song: Dunno the Words, But Love the Tune”

Saturday Song: Dunno the Words, But Love the Tune

Sunday Song: A Bit o’ Fun

This is a theme that will recur with some regularity, methinks! There are a great many songs and music videos out there that are just plain fun. Such as this one: watch closely! You don’t want to miss the awesome bit of physical humor near the end.

Your mission for this week, should you choose to accept it, is to share one of your favorite funny songs. Nothing mean-spirited or very problematic, though, please. Humor that punches up rather than down, or humor that doesn’t punch at all, is always welcome! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Image shows a french horn on a couch with a ginger cat next to it. The cat has its butt up in the air towards the horn. Caption says, "I maekz better tootz."

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Sunday Song: A Bit o’ Fun

Sunday Songs: Highly Irregular!

Everyone seemed to enjoy our last music post quite a lot, so I figured we’ll start making this a regular feature and see what happens. Like last time, I’ll give you a theme, you give me a song (or a couple), and I’ll make a playlist from our results.

Most of us have a particular genre or general style we love most. For me, it’s symphonic, black and death metal with a bit of old-school power metal on the side. I was that person running around in high school wearing the ripped-up jeans and studded jackets. I adore corpse paint and death grunts accompanying ethereal sopranos. That’s the stuff!

I’m not much of an alternative music fan, really. And I wasn’t much in to the alt music scene of the 90s. Most of that stuff leaves me shuddering and reaching for Emperor or Epica. But every once in a while, the right song will hit at the right time in just the right way, and I’ll end up adoring something you’d never expect to hear in my rotation.

That’s what happened with 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up?”. This is so not my type of song. And yet, when it came up in Sense8 and worked so perfectly, I fell deeply and forever in love with it. Now it makes me happy right down to my toes whenever I hear it.

You can see the scene it was in here.

Image shows Kala, a young Indian woman, sitting on top of a building at night, with a city skyline behind her. She's singing into the sky, where a semi-transparent image of Riley, a blonde Icelander, is singing back to her.
Kala (right) and Riley (left) from Sense8. Image created from screenshots from the episode where they’re all singing together.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: what’s one of your favorite songs that’s completely out of character for you?

Sunday Songs: Highly Irregular!