Merry Catsmas!

When searching for the appropriate image for our Midwinter Shenanigans Playlist, I came across too many good lolcats not to share. Settle in with your favorite holiday drink and enjoy!

Image shows a ginger cat on its hind feet next to a Christmas tree. Caption says, "Rockin around the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday."
Image shows a Siamese kitten pouncing on a huge white and gold bow with its front claws extended. Caption says, "Shiny!"
Image shows a gray tabby cat drinking out of the Christmas tree stand. Caption reads, "Like the new bowl. The garnish is a bit much, though."
Image shows a calico cat biting a string of silver tinsel on the floor. Caption says, "Dis fing was attacking ur tree. I killeded it. Ur welcome."
Image shows a brown tabby that appears to be writing in a writing tablet. Caption says, "Dear Santa, let me explain."
Image shows a black and white tuxedo cat sitting beside a Christmas centerpiece, looking rather startled. Caption says, "The patridge from the centerpiece is missing? I'm shocked, shocked."
Image shows a black cat looking up into the branches of a Christmas tree with its lights on. It's eyes are huge and pupils dilated. Caption says, "It's so shiny. I must murder it."
Have the best possible day, my darlings!

Merry Catsmas!

One thought on “Merry Catsmas!

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    Have fun! Whatever you celebrate or don’t.

    Because life’s too short and already bad enough not to do so.

    Merry New Year and a happy Sol Invictus, Saturnalia, Solstice and whatever other else you wish to make it. Enjoy and best wishes to all.

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