Ban Bannon – Call Your Reps

So, one of Donald “Chitler” Trump’s first acts was to appoint a real live white fucking supremacist as his chief advisor. People, when the KKK and their terrible friends are thrilled with a pick, you know he’s bad. How bad? This bad. This is really fucking bad.

So, it’s time to speak up and let everyone know: this is not okay.

We don’t want an America founded on racial hate. We don’t want an America run by hate groups. We don’t want this shitstain anywhere near the levers of power in this country.

How are we going to let people know? Well, outside of linking this post on your social media feed with words like Fuck No Stephen Bannon, here’s what to do: if you have the ability, call your representatives. Here is a post with handy scripts and links to getting their numbers and everything.

Calling is best, but if, like me, you either haven’t got phone service, or you’ve got a hella horrible phone phobia, or both, write. Like, handwrite. Seriously. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write a note to your reps, then mail it to them using a stamp. You can send an email if you haven’t got stamps or can’t handwrite worth a shit, but emails are very easily ignored, so. And you can type, but apparently our political system is stuck back in the 19th century and they pay more attention to handwritten letters. You could always try typing up the main draft and then appending a handwritten sentence saying something like, “THIS IS SUPER FUCKING IMPORTANT SO BLOODY WELL READ THIS AND ACT THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH.”

Okay, you should probably avoid naughty words and all caps, but you get my meaning.

If you’ve got some spare time and some opportunity and don’t have any social phobias that would prevent it, you could even tell your reps in person. It is really a lot harder to ignore someone who walks up, shakes your hand, and says, “What are you going to do about that white supremacist Trump just appointed, hrm?”

Whatever you do, do something. Because even if we can’t stop his appointment, we can make it crystal clear we do not accept his hate.

Oh, and Trump voters? Those of you whining about us calling you racists? Yeah, it’s extra super important you take a stand against white supremacy. So do it. Now.

Image is a clipart showing a generic person dumping a cartoon red and blue head of Trump into a garbage can.


Ban Bannon – Call Your Reps