Stop Trump: Take Action TODAY

This is a message from a Facebook friend who doesn’t want attribution. This is action you can take TODAY. All you need is a phone. Time to do our part and stand up against the fascist this country just elected:

I just spoke at length with my representative’s (a woman named Nancy Pelosi) SF office. If you’re a Democrat in any state at all, you should be able to call her, because she’s House minority leader.

The substance of this call: the state of WI ignored a judicial ruling that they overturn and remedy some of worst of the new voter restrictions. 80K votes were missing after the computer “glitch” in Durham, which has NC’s highest concentrations of African American voters. Both of those were states Clinton lost by less than the amount of missing votes. In both states, especially in WI, they may affect the downticket races as well.

ADDED: 800K mail-in votes in FL were “never returned” according to the election board there. INVESTIGATE!

Call your local party HQ PLEASE! Ask them to get an injunction in these states until this is remedied.

Nancy Pelosi’s SF office #: (415) 556-4862

FLOOD THEM with calls. Do it before 5:30 PST. At 6 pm, they give Pelosi a written concise of every call they’ve received.


Trump has chosen a white supremacist to be one of his chief advisors. He’s willing to not only bring back, but ramp up, the Bush regime’s torture program. He’ll be far worse than Bush II ever was. Make your voice heard: we will stand against him every step of the way.

Image is a clipart showing a generic person dumping a cartoon red and blue head of Trump into a garbage can.

Stop Trump: Take Action TODAY

2 thoughts on “Stop Trump: Take Action TODAY

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    So it looks like Trump was right then – the 2016 election may very well have been rigged after all just in his favour.

    First I’ve heard of this. Shared. I hope this is noted and investigated and action taken.

    This and the involvement of the Russian hackers, the FBI last minute intervention on the emails nonsense, the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote count, the voter suppression tactics and perhaps more?

    Could they legally force them to declare the election void or do a recount or something?

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