Oops, I’m Doing It Again!

Ah, yes, November. Month of harvest, fall, Thanksgiving, and that special hell known as NaNoWriMo.

And yeah, I know, I swore I never would, but I’m doing it again.

Look, it’s no big. I’m going to use it to finish Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. 4: Numbers. And I know some folks will complain because it’s supposed to be a novel and it’s supposed to be fiction, but hey – the Bible is fiction. And I’m of the opinion that NaNo is no use unless you can use it to further your writing goals. In my case, my goal is to get this damned book done, because I’d like to spend less than 66 years completing the Really Terrible Bible Stories series.

So I’ve done up the cover:

Image shows the cover of RTBS vol 4. The background is black. Across the top, Really Terrible is written in red slasher letters. Bible Stories is below in a white Gothic script. In the center is a painting of people writing in agony as they are bitten by serpents (Jacopo Tintoretto, The Brazen Serpent (detail)). Below in the same Gothic script, it says Vol. 4: Numbers. Below is Dana Hunter in simple italic lettering.
And I’ve started the Introduction. And as we go along, I’ll be posting excerpts. Tier 2 readers get the first look, so if you want sneak peeks, donate today!

And, of course, we should have a theme song. I know just the one:

If you’re doing NaNo this year, I wish you the very best of luck! Remember: the point is not to win, but to write yer arse off without hating the entire enterprise of writing by the end. Eat well, get sleep, exercise if possible, occasionally pop by to say hello to your family and friends, and let the words flow.

Oops, I’m Doing It Again!

4 thoughts on “Oops, I’m Doing It Again!

  1. 1

    Good luck! I tried NaNoWriMo a few years back and stopped at about 15k words when I realized what I was writing was just meandering drek. I’d do it again if I can get more organized for it. But there’s also Thanksgiving, my favorite convention, and a big work project that’s due all in the same month. If they picked October, then it may be different.

  2. rq

    One year I will try this, with the absolute low-balling goal of 500 words per day.
    Good luck! Looking forward to this very much!!

  3. 3

    rq, let me give you some advice I wish I followed. Do an outline of your story first. By the “rules” of nanowrimo you’re allowed to do an outline before it starts. Doing an outline lets you feel out how your story works out first to make writing easier. It doesn’t need details or dialog. It can have things like “Hero convinces sidekick to come with her. Insert forshadowing about sidekick’s quitting before story climax.” Best thing is doing an outline is like writing a story without having to write the whole thing.

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