How to Stand with Standing Rock – And Why We Must

Long story short: white people have spent centuries trying to eradicate Native Americans in order to get their land, their resources, and their wealth. That hasn’t stopped. It’s ongoing today. It’s probably happening in your community without you even realizing. It’s happening in North Dakota, and if you’re not aware of the situation, please remedy that right now.

The Standing Rock Sioux are trying to preserve their land and their water from a pipeline that (overwhelmingly white) Bismarck refused to have passing through their city. You know why they don’t want it: pipelines break. They explode. They spill. And for women, there’s a whole other set of horrific problems that come along with a pipeline.

Image is a map that shows the current Standing Rock reservation and the much larger boundaries of the 1851 treaty.
We have taken so much from these tribes, and now we’re trying to take more, and this is where it needs to stop. It needs to stop for the health and safety of our indigenous peoples. It needs to stop so that corporations and governments no longer assume it’s no problem to take what they want from the reservations without regard to the residents. It needs to stop for the sake of our land, our water, and our air.

This is one of the most important movements for Native American self-determination and survival in our lifetime. The people of Standing Rock need you to stand with them. Here’s how you can do it:

If you’re local to North Dakota and can help folks who are being bailed out, please contact Lissa Yellow Bird-Chase.

Send Items to Camps via Amazon Wish Lists:


Medic & Healer Supply List

Call for the Army Corps of Engineers’ Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline to be rescinded:

Support the Sacred Stone Camp

Tell the executives of Energy Transfer Partners, L.P., to stop building the pipeline

Start or join events in your area.

Read, talk, post, Tweet – get others to join in demanding that the Dakota Access Pipeline be stopped, Standing Rock Sioux be heard, and our treaties be honored.

Follow Sacred Stone Camp (Facebook) (Twitter), (Facebook) (Twitter), Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition (Facebook), and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (Facebook) (Twitter).

Purchase Standing Rock designs from a native clothing company.

And, if you’re able to join the water defenders at the Sacred Stone Camp, find out how here.

Image is a poster that shows a drawing of an androgynous native person with an upraised arm. Behind shows people on horseback. Caption says Solidarity with Standing Rock, Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Defend the land. Protect the water.

How to Stand with Standing Rock – And Why We Must