Please Help Me and Misha Make Rent! Donate to ETEV Today!

It’s a long story that my Facebook friends already know, but the canvassing job I had over the summer ended. I do have another job to supplement writing income, but it’s commission-based and I won’t see any proceeds for at least another couple of weeks. In the meantime, Misha and I could use your help to keep us both fed and housed, plus meet other expenses that decided to pile up at a bad time. The car still needs repair, and its tag is expiring in a few days. So if you’ve got a bit to spare, we could definitely use your help!

And you’ll get perks! There are even new perks! Here’s what you get with your donation:

Tier 1 Early Access (under $25):

Folks who have donated less than $25 in the past few months will get early access to the following:

  1. Escape reviews
  2. Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education posts

Tier 2 Early Access plus Extras ($25 or more, or Patreon Subscriber):

This level includes all of the Tier 1 perks, plus

  • An ETEV exclusive early look at upcoming Rosetta Stones geology posts. (These will only be available on ETEV under password protection, not to be released here for at least one year. They’ll be on Rosetta Stones in about 30 days.)
  • Access to original fiction by Dana Hunter (short stories, novellas, and possibly a novel or two)
  • Free PDF copies of books (limit 1 per person. Send your request to dhunterauthor at
  • Exclusive discounts on items at Red Bubble and elsewhere.
  • NEW: Exclusive early access to special holiday season items!

Everyone who donates $25 or more this go-round will also get more perks!

  • A post on a topic of your choosing (I reserve the right to ask you to change to a different subject if the topic is inappropriate or out of my wheelhouse)
  • Exclusive photos from various adventures (and yes, you can request digital prints to be emailed to you if you wish).

Thanks for keeping us fed, sheltered, and writing, my darlings!

Image shows me and Misha with our heads together. Caption says, "Help keep the Verdad Flowing!"

Please Help Me and Misha Make Rent! Donate to ETEV Today!

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