Monday Musical Interlude: A UFO!!!

It’s Labor Day in the United States, and I don’t feel like laboring much. The unions fought for my right to be a lazy bum on weekends, damn it. I’ll not dishonor their struggles by putting my nose to the grindstone! Besides, we saw a UFO at Mount Rainier and I want to show you it!

Image shows a ridge and forested mountains. The sun is shining in the sky. There is a bright, greenish orb of light floating on top of one of the ridges.
See it? See that greeny glow just over the ridge, there? It’s totally a UFO. Definitely not lens flare. I don’t care what anybody says.

Here it is, coming in for a landing!

In the same scene a second later, the orb is touching the ridge line.
I’m sure they come with a message of peace and prosperity for Earth or something. I shoulda listened when the Uranchia enthusiast at our bookstore talked our ears off about it daily for hours. Then I’d know what they’re here for.


Here is a nice set of close-ups so you can see it is definitely a UFO coming in for a landing.

Crop of the first image showing the dot, which has a smeared-out bit pointing toward the sun
Crop of second image, showing the orb seeming to be about ready to vanish behind the ridge.
It is definitely the Jetsons or something, I’m telling you.

Anyway. The whole reason for this set of photos is because I popped the camera in Merideth’s hands and demanded she take pictures of a baby lenticular cloud as I  drove. You can see it in one of the zoomed-out photos if you look. And it looks a bit like a baby UFO. Two UFOs, people! You know what this means? I have to play this song now!

Do you see why I love the Peacemakers live shows so? They are the absolute best (aside from all the other The Best Bands).

If you’ve got a song suitable for a UFO, pop it in, and we’ll take a spin round the universe!

Monday Musical Interlude: A UFO!!!

5 thoughts on “Monday Musical Interlude: A UFO!!!

  1. rq

    You should get that sighting verified, like this guy did.

    As for music, well, there’s the classics like Space Oddity and Rob Zombie had that song about fucking in a UFO, but here’s one about being a UFO.
    (Also found some weirdish stuff by searching the phrase ‘ufo music’ on youtube – that first one, I’m kind of torn between wanting a fire table like that and judging them for their lack of adherence to the rules of fire safety.)

  2. 2

    How about this one: Carpenters – Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (Full Version) – YouTube

    I must say that I think that the UFO in that picture was likely a lens flare.

    But if we are being observed by ET’s, then I think it unlikely that they want to contact us. They have had plenty of opportunity to do so, without doing much about it. But they might think that we are not mature enough as a civilization. I can think of some things that they might look for.
    * No wars or major civil strife.
    * No large military or police forces perceived to be necessary by any subgrouping of us.
    * Equitable society where the large majority of inhabitants have a standard of living that’s close to the overall productive capacity per individual.
    * Social equality as far as it is practical or reasonable.
    * Our using energy sources that can last as long as our homeworld is habitable.
    * Our keeping our homeworld in good habitable shape.

    Violation of these conditions would mean that they cannot count on us to last very long, or else that we cannot be trusted with very advanced technology.

  3. 3

    As to people who claim to have interacted with UFO occupants or UFOnauts, there are two main sorts of interaction: abductions and friendly contacts.

    Abductions seem a lot like what a wildlife biologist might do: capture, examine, and then release. The first well-known case was the Betty and Barney Hill case, though the Antonio Villas-Boas case preceded it by a few years.

    Friendly contacts are another story. Contactees usually report human(oid) emissaries from a Star-Trek United-Federation-of-Planets sort of spacefaring civilization. Emissaries who are sometimes friendly enough to give some contactees rides in their vehicles. They are often very concerned about our self-destructive tendencies and they often have Great Messages for us. The first well-known one was George Adamski, and the most notable recent one is “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier.

  4. rq

    There’s also the religious contacts.
    When I was younger, a guy stayed at our house whose parents had founded a cult based on the fact that they were visited by aliens from some middling-distant star and who were providing a lot of advice on how to fix the world. For a very reasonable donation, of course. Can’t for the life of me remember any names of stars or of the aliens by now, though. They had written a book and I think had audio tapes, too.
    They were from California (eastern European immigrants, but still…).

  5. 5

    The most successful UFO religion to date has been Raelism. Its founder, Claude “Rael” Vorilhon, claimed that some ET’s called “Elohim” visited him and took him on a ride to their planet — and claimed that they genetically engineered humanity into existence.

    I was thinking of quoting some of George Adamski’s descriptions of his alleged ET friends, but you may find it hard to keep yourself from laughing if I do so.

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