RTBS Excerpts, Atheists Talk Links, and Sundry Announcements

My first ever Atheists Talk radio appearance didn’t end in disaster! In fact, it seems to have gone pretty well. Hello and welcome to anyone visiting ETEV for the first time due to hearing my dulcet tones and enjoying my winning radio personality. I’ve got helpful links for ye!

I’ve updated the Really Terrible Bible Stories page. You can find all the excerpts for all three books, and links to where you can purchase, all in one handy location.

For those who didn’t want to get their asses out of bed at the asscrack of dawn on a Sunday morning, I’ve got links to Atheists Talk #365, where you can hear me and Brianne discuss geology, blogging, and one of the worst books in the Bible.

Soundcloud (autoplay at link)


Give us a listen!

New to ETEV? Here are some handy links to get you caught up on happenings:

Escape reviews: As Brianne mentioned, I’m reviewing Carolyn Jessop’s Escape chapter by chapter. Find all the posts at this link.

Pioneering Women in the Geosciences: Meet some of the women who have made substantial contributions to the good science of rock-breaking, plus more posts on women in STEM, at this link.

Mount St. Helens Prelude to a Catastrophe and The Cataclysm: I’ve been blogging about the May 1980 eruption. This series follows the volcanic events from when we first recognized Mount St. Helens as dangerous, through her first stirrings in spring 1980, to the results of her cataclysmic eruption. Find the entire series to date here.

Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education: I’ve been investigating three of the most popular creationist textbooks used in Christian schools and homeschools. You will be amazed by some of the weird bullshit they believe. Find all the previous posts at this tag.

And Supernatural fans may enjoy checking out the SPN tag for episode recaps and analyses.

That should get ye started! And if you hang around, you can get access to password-protected content, too! Donors to ETEV enjoy early access and special perks – get the deets here.

Finding me on social media: Here’s the official Facebook page for the blogs. You can also follow my personal Facebook for news, pollyticks, cute kitty photos, and other stuffage. Here’s the Google+ page. I’m also on Twitter! And, occasionally, Tumblr.

So. RTBS vol. 3 is released, radio is accomplished. What’s next? Well, I have got a hugely busy few days coming up, with a friend coming from out of town, and then three days of canvasing in the scorching heat. Things will be relatively quiet around the blogs, but I’ve got some content pre-loaded for Rosetta Stones, and I should be able to knock out our next Adventures in Earth Science Education and Escape posts. I’ll also have adorable images of sea critters from the Seattle Aquarium coming soon! After this week, things should return to a more normal schedule. Or so I hope…

RTBS Excerpts, Atheists Talk Links, and Sundry Announcements

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