Thank You for My New Work Backpack!

So, I needed to get a backpack for work. I have nothing suitable for hoofing it through the streets of Seattle – the backpack I do have is too rough for wearing all day, and it’s a weird design that doesn’t hold a lot of stuff well, and it’s got rock dust all up in it anyway. One of you kindly donated enough for me to go shopping. I hoofed it down to the thrift store and began digging.

They were having a 50% off sale. I’d wanted a backpack that cost around $5. I wanted it to be soft and breathable and light. And… I found one that fit those criteria.

Image shows Misha lying beside a flourescent green backpack with a single huge plush eye in it. Mike Wazowski is embroidered in lime green thread. Misha's staring at the eye.
Misha staring Mike Wazowski in the eye.

It’s soft and plushy. The fabric should keep me from getting horribly sweaty as I wear it through the city this summer. And it’ll definitely get the kids’ attention!

So now I’ve got equipment that won’t kill my shoulders and will allow me to carry everything I need for my shifts. And I’ll probably never be able to misplace it. Yay!

I’ll be in much better financial shape soon, but I’m still behind on rent and other bills. If you can help out, that would be awesome! Thank you to all who’ve donated so far.

Thank You for My New Work Backpack!
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