I’m Afraid I’ll Need Your Help Again

So it’s like this: I had a GREAT job lined up. The hours were perfect, the organization was a good one, and I’d be doing good work. But the person I’d be working for kept canceling things at the last minute and changing plans. Come in today. No, wait, tomorrow. No, wait, this other time. She offered me the job, told me to start on a specific day, then told me I couldn’t start that day because the HR guy was out of town. So I made other plans for the day in question, only to have her get back to me and say the HR guy was there after all and I could come in if I wanted, but it was okay if I couldn’t. Since I’d already committed to something else I couldn’t cancel, I told her I’d come in on the following day. Then she decided she wanted to do a second interview instead. She was upset that my phone didn’t work in the house, even though she never had a single problem contacting me by email. She would blame me when things didn’t go as planned, even though she was the one responsible for them not working out. Pretty much the last straw was when she told me to call her at a specific time, didn’t answer or call back for nearly half an hour, and then got upset with me for emailing her to follow up when I couldn’t wait in an area with cell service any longer.

There were also indications she would demand I work off the clock.

I did my best to soldier through all of this and try to land the job, but finally, had to realize I’m throwing good time after bad (and paying transportation costs to go downtown on top of that). If I finally managed to start working there, there’s no guarantee I’d be paid for the time I work. And red flags in her behavior tell me I would have been in a massively bad work environment.

So I’m now back to looking for a job, but that means I’ve lost two weeks of job hunting while I thought I had actually landed gainful employment.

I’m behind on all of my bills: rent, car payment, and insurance. On top of that, I had a molar shatter last week, which will need to be fixed soon. And there are no immediate prospects of having a job within the next two weeks.

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Thank you for your help, my darlings! I couldn’t keep writing, much less eating, without you.

Image shows me smiling at the camera with Misha's head on my shoulder. Caption says, "Thanks for your help!"

I’m Afraid I’ll Need Your Help Again