Frivolous Friday: Which Upcoming Movie Are You Craving?

Summer movie discussion time, my darlings! Or, if you’re in the southern half of the world, winter movie discussion time! I’m busy writing fiction this week, which has got me thinking about fiction. There’s a lot coming out this summer (or winter). I’m looking forward to a few, but if I had to pick just one, I think it would be…

Promotional photo for the new Ghostbusters, showing the team standing with their equipment. They're in a large open area in a building, with a glowing green light source behind them.
The New Ghostbusters!!!

I mean, absolutely. For one thing, I adored the original Ghostbusters. It had absolutely everything a kid could want: gross ghosts, a huge marshmallow dude, cool equipment, snarky one-liners, shoutable slogans, an awesome car, and a secretary I secretly aspired to be. Oh, yeah, as much as I would’ve loved to run around zapping ghosts, snapping my gum and being unflappably unconformist was a definite life goal. I may have managed that last bit in part.

So, of course, seeing it updated with modern gadgets whilst holding true to the aesthetic of the original will be brilliant. I love that it’s got an all-woman team. And the dudebro tears that will be flowing will add some delicious salt to my movie theatre buttered popcorn.

Top it with Melissa McCarthy, who over the past year has become one of my all-time favorite actresses of forever, and yeah. I think this is the one I would sell my cat on the streets if I had to in order to see it. And you all know that I love this cat dearly, despite the fact she’s a homicidal maniac.

Image shows me and Misha on my bed, facing each other. I'm grinning. She's yawning in my face.
What movie or movies are you most looking forward to? Are you going to take me to see X-Men: Apocalypse after I’ve blown all my cat-selling money on Ghostbusters? Which beloved dudebro franchise should SJWs take over next?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get on with flipping my Seattle Chief of Police character from a generic older white dude to a non-generic older Duwamish dude. He’s just the cherry on top. I’ve already gotten done filling out my main cast with a bunch of women, people of color, women of color, queer people, and trans people, and there will probably even be a trans queer person of color coming up somewhere before the series is done. My super awesome combat veteran psychiatrist person turns out to be genderfluid. The dudebros are gonna cry so damn hard when I release this book – except they’ll probably be all out of tears and reduced to just lying in a corner in a fetal position by then, the way pop culture looks like it might go in the next few years.


Frivolous Friday: Which Upcoming Movie Are You Craving?

6 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: Which Upcoming Movie Are You Craving?

  1. 1

    I’m still behind on movies from the spring. I need to go see the Miles Davis biopic before school ends and I lose my matinee privileges. Some of the nightclub scenes were filmed at my local tavern ;)

    Finding Dory is the next big family movie on our list. I’m actually more excited than the kids :D

  2. 3

    I’m going to see “The Nice Guys” tomorrow, that looks fun. “Finding Dory” will hopefully be good. “Ghostbusters” doesn’t look any good so far but will probably see it just because it makes the right people angry. “The Secret Life of Pets” looks really good.

  3. 5

    Totally Ghostbusters
    I’ll drag the kid by the ears if she doesn’t come willingly*!

    *I’ll pay, that’s usually incentive enough

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