Saturday Song: Science!

This week’s theme is suggested by one of my G+ people. Science is a marvelous human enterprise that has given us endless wonders and incredible advances. It’s also inspired some pretty spiffy songs!

Here’s one of the first and best science songs I ever heard:

There you are, my darlings! Share your favorites, whether they be old friends or new discoveries (hint: if you can’t think of a science-themed song, just type “Science song” in the search bar on YouTube, and a whole world of awesome science music will unfold. You should definitely go explore – FOR SCIENCE!).

Image is a meme showing Nyan Cat going through the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon logo. Caption says, I am science cat, no Nyan Cat. (Logo is a white triangle on a blue background, with a line going through it. On the other side of the logo, the line becomes a rainbow, with a gray cat inside a pink square.)

Saturday Song: Science!

14 thoughts on “Saturday Song: Science!

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    I’m so excited about this Saturday Song theme! Though you’ve already showcased the best science song :)

    I’m going to take the liberty of making several offerings. First, a composition from Symphony of Science, which autotunes Carl Sagan etc. clips into some surprisingly catchy tunes.

    Relatedly, this beautiful choral suite based on Cosmos.

    I am a sucker for song parodies, and this one puns on an organism I used to study (and is super catchy; I can’t hear the original lyrics to this song any more).

    And finally, as someone whose science career began with a childhood dinosaur obsession (a not unusual condition, I’m told), I have to include the Jurassic Park theme music. I think I might’ve picked this for a previous Saturday Song. But come on, it’s amazing!

  2. 6

    Okay,love this one!

    I’m going to start with Monty Python’s ‘Galaxy’ song :

    Awesome if now slightly outdated.

    Then note the mushroom song :

    and then if I could please suggest just one more when it comes to what science has done for us and how its still fighting for people’s lives against willful ignorance :

    ‘The Vaccine Song’ -so catchy and so true.

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  4. rq

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    I hope this is at all helpful. :P

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