Saturday Song: Our Case of the Mondays Playlist

Here’s a little something to help you deal with the Monday blues, my darlings: a lovely little playlist that you’ve all created around the theme of Monday.

Take that, Monday!

It should be suitable for those whose work weeks begin on other days as well. Monday is more a state of mind than an actual calendar day, isn’t it?

Saturday Song: Our Case of the Mondays Playlist

3 thoughts on “Saturday Song: Our Case of the Mondays Playlist

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    I enjoyed quite a lot of these. Did you know that Prince (RIP) wrote Manic Mondays? I didn’t until the tributes this past week. I have my favorite Eartha song being saved up until the theme is right for it.

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    Listening to the guitar solo on Stormy Monday and thinking, “oh yes, child, that is how the blues are played, indeed,” I had the further thought that maybe a playlist of songs that feature great guitar solos might be nice. Or maybe, just a list of songs featuring great instrumental virtuosity? Either way, probably end up with a two-hour playlist at least…

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    Great playlist as ever – except that youtube wouldn’t let me see the last clip :

    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” :-(

    With a quick search I was able to find a few other versions of it up on youtube though like this one :

    So if any other Aussies are reading this, hope that helps.

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