Welcome to En Tequila Es Verdad at The Orbit!

¡Bienvenidos a mi cantina!* Let me first extend a hearty hola to my regulars from our old digs, Freethought Blogs. It’s so good to see you here! It’s a bit dusty right now and there’s still lots of construction going on, but I think you’re going to adore the new place. I wouldn’t have uprooted us if I thought otherwise!

Welcome to our new folks! I’m Dana Hunter, currently the sole cantinera of this establishment, although there will guests behind the bar serving up the finest verdad from time to time. I’ve got geology, social justice, atheism, feminism, and plenty of fun on tap, and a wide selection of other topics on the shelves, ready to be served up by the shot. Feel free to rummage round the blog for some free samples, and do avail yourselves of the links to the pages up top, where you’ll find various series collected. I do love writing a good series! (Pardon the issues with images – I tend to write posts with lots and lots of luscious photos, and we’re still getting issues with uploading those ironed out. Other things like making sure the site works take priority over the decor in my cantina, but everything should be wonderful very soon.) You can find plenty more geology at my Scientific American Blog Network home, Rosetta Stones. And if you want to hear some Really Terrible Bible Stories, I’m your woman. Also, it’s always important to note:

Image is a slightly expanded crop of me with Mount St. Helens from May 2007. Caption reads, "Yes, I am indeed writing a Mount St. Helens book!"
For serious, folks, I am.

People frequently ask, because Mount St. Helens is a special passion o’ mine.

I am super excited to be launching with The Orbit, the shiny new network started by a bunch of my fellow social justice-minded atheists. Please do have a look at our About Us! I’m proud to have had some small part in helping to build this network – you have no idea how hard it’s been, keeping the secret while we progressed from pie-in-the-sky idea to fully-realized, super-exciting network. Every single person on this network is a superstar, and I feel like the luckiest blogger in the known universe, getting to write alongside them.

We’ll have a getting-to-know-each-other session later today, when I’ll be awake to moderate comments (Yes, I’m a complete vampire – up all night, sleep all day). You’ll need to register to comment, and after your first approved comment, you won’t be in moderation jail anymore. In the meantime, please enjoy looking round The Orbit, visit Freethought Blogs (where there will soon be brand-new bloggers!) and thank you for stopping by!

Image shows me standing on rough basalt rocks on the coast of Oregon, with the Pacific Ocean crashing in behind me. I am a tall, thin woman with long brunette hair, wearing a light blue tank top, blue jeans, and a tan adventurer's hat. I'm standing like Captain Morgan. Of course!
Moi at Devils Churn, Oregon. Oh, my darlings: the places we will go!


*For those Spanish-speakers who haven’t joined us before: yes, I know the name is grammatically incorrect. It’s a Peacemakers thing.

Welcome to En Tequila Es Verdad at The Orbit!

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  1. rq

    I’m so glad you mentioned that bit about writing a book. Because maybe you forgot. But I guess you didn’t. :)

  2. 5

    ooooooh everything is so bright and shiny clean… *looking around the joint*

    dana, the new cantina is looking good. i’m looking forward to continuing to read your posts at these new digs. thanks for letting me know how to subscribe to new posts by mail :)

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