Happy Rounded Pi Day!

It’s Pi Day in those countries that write the date as month and day! This year, Pi Day is extra-coolio because it’s 3/14/16. See?

Image shows a pie (possibly a cheesecake) with the Pi symbol in the center, and the numbers of Pi written around the edge in black. I've added an arrow showing the fifth and sixth digits of Pi (59) and showing the 5 would round up to 6.
See whatcha get if you round up? Pi pie public domain image by GJ, annotated by moi.

Yep, if you round up the first six digits to the ten-thousandths place, you end up with 3.1416. Rounded Pi Day! Yes, it’s entirely silly and yet too much fun.

Happy Rounded Pi Day!
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3 thoughts on “Happy Rounded Pi Day!

  1. rq

    DD/MM/YYYY – That would be the logical people way to do it. If you put the year first, it’ll be a long, long time before you get to pi, but when you do, you’ll have an entire year of (the rounded version of) it.

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